Twitter and Life in the Shitter

When I want an idea of what is happening in the world, I always look at the underbrush. It’s natural to look at political and economic trends. The state of religion also gives a good indication of where any culture may be headed. When the political leaders are nothing more than soulless whores, rubberstamping corporate policies and when the economy reflects the wholesale theft of the people’s industry by a handful of international thieves, you can bet there’s trouble on the way. When religion becomes a travesty upon the teachings of the founders in tandem with the aforementioned, you’re looking at a dangerous highway into darkness but… when the culture has turned into gum from a hot sidewalk on the bottom of your shoes, then there is no telling just how bad it might want to get. It’s not accidental. The key to understanding what is happening is to recognize that it is not accidental.

Enter Twitter. It’s hard to read about anything these days without some mention that some Twit has had something to say about it on Twitter. This is one more example of the general public looking at something but not into it. What does this site do? It gives you something like 144 characters to make a comment. Can’t you do this already anywhere you want to say something? Does this Twitter provide any other service or any service whatsoever that would make it useful or necessary in relation to anything that is already out there? No. All of a sudden though… right out of the blue… there is this interface for disposable and witless banality that is now lit up like Broadway on a Saturday night.

I went there exactly one time to see the interface. What it is is internet text messaging. It’s a virtual cell-phone. What’s more interesting is what people are saying about it (see the following comments). When you’ve got something that’s composed of high fructose, spun through forced hot air turbines into wall board insulation, you’ve got Twitter. I’ve seen one functioning value which Twitter provides. Twitter allows you to determine the useful value of any person in your life simply by discovering whether they use it or not.

The hype is mind boggling. However, if you look at the undergrowth of real human opinion you find something very different from the left-handed skyhooks and ubiquitous hoopla… something very different indeed. Type in ‘Twitter is’ in Google and look at the drop down menu. People are not as stupid as we are led to believe. Our being led to believe that people are increasingly more stupid than we ever imagined is a calculated presentation that can only have something truly dark and dangerous in mind. It’s an automatic jump from Twitter to Twits.

I have never seen anything like the Twitter epidemic. Look at how many times it now appears in any article in the MSM. It generates no real income yet it is benefiting from free publicity like no other item of the type has ever received before. There’s more to what’s going on here than what meets the eye. Given that there is nothing going on with Twitter at all makes it very, very strange.

These days, when I drive through towns it is impossible not to note a particular phenomenon. At any hour of the day, on any street where I may be driving, every pre-teen and teenage girl is tapping away on a cellphone; teenage boys as well but less often. The amount of people at all ages who are using cellphones at any time… in their cars, on the street, no doubt on the toilet as well is pandemic. And what were they doing before they were doing this? I especially like it when they are vigorously bouncing their crossed leg over the one below while so engaged.

It’s all in the underbrush. You can see the industrial green shoots of coming permutations pushing up through the cultural Kudzu. You have only to look but people do not look. The important thing is not what people are doing but what they are not doing. With each year the degree of superficial interest in transitory, pop trivia increases. Everything is five miles wide and one inch deep. What is the point?

The point is the direction in which life is being herded. Everything is instant and artificial. It’s processed foods, soda pop and designer coffee. It’s the highly destructive ingredients that go into them. It’s the people who laugh at you when you mention it. It’s the political trends where you don’t have to do anything; all you have to do is say something. Saying is the new doing. Foreign aid and rebuilding of nations destroyed under false pretenses has nothing to do with aid or rebuilding. The money is given for the purpose of being paid out to corporations to the tune of 86% of the outlay. The products and services given are then inflated in costs to several times of any actual cost.

We have come to the point where lies are the substance of life. We have come to the point where the lives of others are nothing more than casualties in a video game. We have come to the point where there is no point and Twitter is going to let you know just how true that it. We’ve come to the point where people believe life on Earth began 6000 years ago and they are doing museum tours to imprint this ugly fantasy into the minds of their children.

Think about this… look what has happened to every element of the culture in the last few decades and imagine… imagine where it’s headed. Keep in mind what occurred around Katrina. Keep in mind the now irrefutable truth about the recent wars, strong-armed through Congress by Zionist catamites. Keep in mind the recent scandals in the United Kingdom concerning their Parliamentarians and the theft of public funds. Keep in mind the new expansions of conflicts by a president elected to end them. Keep in mind the destruction of the educational system and the plague of political correctness running through every level of it. Then there’s Twitter. It’s everywhere. It’s got an unbelievable engine of ‘in your face’ name recognition embedded in nearly everything you read in the main stream.

I’m not going to delve too deeply into what I’m trying to get the reader to recognize because I believe the reader knows what I’m talking about. The most curious thing is that many, many people recognize what I myself can see. The CNN poll of a few years ago showed that over 80% of the American people believed there was something wrong with the official version of 9/11. Observe the behavior of Zio-Joe Biden when confronted about it a couple of days ago. Look at the looting of the American public for the benefit of the very people who caused the financial crisis.

We know one thing and the press tells us another. We want one thing and the politicians give us another. We want health and well being and the corporations give us deadly products to ruin our health for the prosperity of the AMA-Pharmaceutical combine. I found out the other day that major health insurers have billions invested in the tobacco industry.

Forget the religious angle concerning the implications of the present state of existence. The meaning of these things can be intuited though objective reasoning. You can take hard math and calculate where this is going to end up.
What was once important is no longer important. What is completely unimportant is now critically important. Twitter isn’t an accidental name. Consider the meaning of ‘twittering away” in its various possibilities of meaning.
I haven’t said what I wanted to say because, after all, we’re talking about Twitter. Life is now a soundbyte. The good news, I guess, is that when life as we knows it, encounters its certain destruction… it won’t mean anything. A giant pig is going to appear in the sky, silhouetted in a Warner Brothers logo and the last thing you’re going to hear is “Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-That’s all folks!” That last sentence is just about exactly at the limit of a Twitter entry.

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