US ‘privatizing’ war in Iraq, Afghanistan?

Number of US contractors working in Iraq and Afghanistan is on the rise despite Washington claims that it would withdraw forces from both countries within years.

The Pentagon has announced that the number of US contractors affiliated with the defense department is growing dramatically, a Russia Today report revealed on Friday.

The US outsource personnel working for the US private companies like Blackwater and Triple Canopy has reached 250,000, the report said.

Private security contractors form 25 percent of all the US forces in Iraq, while the equivalent number for Afghanistan is even higher with contractors constituting 30 percent of the Washington troops in the war-torn country.

The report further speculated that realities on the stage were indicative of a hypocritical disparity between words and deeds in the US administration.

In a much-anticipated address in Cairo University in Egypt on Thursday, the US President Barack Obama said the United States seeks no permanent presence in Afghanistan, while adding that Washington is planning to remove forces from Iraq by the end of 2011.