Another Catholic School Panders to Sodomites; Suspends Tenured Professor

by Thomas Carter — ( Jan 5, 2015

Prof MacAdams

Prof MacAdams

On December 16th, Marquette University, a Catholic institution in Milwaukee suspended Prof. John McAdams for posting a blog about an assistant professor, Cheryl Abbate, who told a philosophy student who wanted to defend traditional marriage: “You don’t have the right to make homophobic comments in this class.”
Professor McAdams on his blog, The Marquette Warrior commented, “Like the rest of academia, Marquette is less and less a real university when gay marriage cannot be discussed — certainly not a Catholic university.”
Prof. McAdams was informed via letter from the Dean Richard Holz that he was “relieved of all teaching duties and all other faculty activities,” and that he was to remain off campus during that time.
Unfortunately for the university administrators, Prof. McAdams has a backbone. In a Fox news interview, appearing unaffected he said he had a lawyer on hand if legal action was required.
When Prof. McAdams asked why he was suspended, he received no reply from the Dean.
The university later stated that the blog post was reason. Prof. McAdams said this was consistent with a trend on the Left to dismiss opposing views as “offensive” rather than to debate them.
Several petitions were started to support Prof. McAdams. On December 23rd, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (“WILL”) asked Marquette University to abide by its own rules and to honor its commitment to academic freedom.
The university is on the defensive. It is likely that Prof. McAdams will be reinstated but this is not normally the case. Prof. McAdams had the guts to stand up for himself. He was ready to fight. Too bad most educators back down without a hint of resistance.


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