An Invitation To the Local Lodge

I run a small business in Canada and acquired a client who was a freemason. He took some time to tell me how amazing it was and that I should consider joining. I paid very little attention to it at the time but we remained in contact. The following year I began to do my research to see if perhaps it was for me. I had heard good things and bad things (horrendous things) about freemasonry. I knew a few freemasons who were all fairly successful financially so I though I would check it out. I had a couple of guys visit my home to talk about it with me. They explained that it was a group of guys getting together and acting out ancient rituals etc. There were a couple questions they had for me:

1. We would like to make sure that your wife approves: asked more than once.

Her reply was “why wouldn’t I?”

2. Do you believe in a supreme being?

After that I received an invite to an open house and was able to walk through the lodge: The had a clown outside giving balloons to children ( the clown was super creepy) One thing I have noticed about most freemasons: they all have a look about them. A cold, dry look. They all seem to be relatively similar in appearance from my experience.

I went into the lodge and looked around. The usual things were displayed. There was an altar in the middle, chairs around, the sword at the front of the room etc. I did notice a large picture of Queen Elizabeth over the masters seat. Proof that the monarchy is the head of Freemasonry (in my opinion). There was a holy bible placed on the alter but I didn’t look inside.

After that they told me that I would be visited by “the three wise men” The meeting was set up and I had two high-ranking masons and a third newcomer join me. (the newcomer was the same man that showed me around the lodge) We had an hour long conversation about Freemasonry and I had done all my research at that time so I was grilling them with questions, most of which they couldn’t answer. The newcomer and I hit it off quite well because we are both musicians. After the meeting I took him to my basement to show him an upright base I had for sale that he was interested in. After that they left me place.

Baphomet during a summonsI want to point out that there were a few phrases that were said to me by more than one mason that will co-relate to this story:

1. Freemasonry takes a man and makes him a better man
2. On your initiation night, bring a fresh pair of underwear
3. Don’t feel embarrassed, just remember we’ve all been through it (regarding initiation)
O.K. here is the interesting part and the grand finale, so to speak.

The newcomer who was interested in the bass called me and asked to come and see it. I said of course and we arranged to meet that weekend. That week the master of the lodge called me and told me that my initiation would be June the 2nd instead of the pre-arranged September date. I was a little shocked that they were bumping me up because I knew another guy was ahead of me.

The newcomer arrived at my home accompanied by his son who was also a mason at a different lodge. They has a look at the base an noticed a problem with it and they explained that they cant purchase it because it would be too expensive to fix.

Riding the GoatUpon leaving the newcomer told his son that I was being initiated next week. They both looked at each other and said d-day… and then we resumed our conversation about the base. The son then stated that he was going to come out and watch the initiation, then under his breath he muttered, “I’ll bring the goat” and then began talking about something else. I was confused and said, “oh, you have a GTO?” (a goat is slang for the infamous muscle car) and they laughed, “no, don’t worry our goats tame. And I replied” sorry guys, this is way over my head” The son said “oh it will be, literally” Then the newcomer gave his son an odd look and said to me, don’t worry about a thing ” you will find it weird”. And they left.

I began more research and came up with a rather interesting conclusion:

Upon being initiated into the craft they have an old saying. ” riding the goat” This refers to “baphomet” an inter-dimensional god also know as satan, lucifer etc.

The “g” in masonry stands for “grand architect” or goat.

During your initiation they summon Baphomet (it will be over your head literally) and he takes you into the underworld hence (riding the goat) you need the clean pair of underwear because I’m sure most people shit themselves (“don’t’ be embarrassed, we’ve all been through it”)

Freemasonry is built upon the rituals of black magic acquired from the Egyptians, handed to King Solomon, and forwarded through the monarchy. into freemasonry, following the grand plan headed by Baphomet, whom is probably a shape-shifting Reptillian. Weird but eerily confirmed through my research. Needless to say I’m not going to be initiated.

I have provided some old Masonic post cards along with brief explainations of what I think they represent.

All masons have a goat whom controls them when need be. They are partnered with these beingsThe rest you can figure out. This is not a fabrication of truth.