“Sex Goddess” Programming — Worshipping Sex

henrymakow.com – March 11. 2019

Heddy Lamarr (1914-2000). Click to enlarge

Innocents, we have no idea how destructive the inflation of beautiful women and sex has been. Satanism is all about replacing God with false Gods like these. 
Men have been brainwashed to literally worship women and sex. This can be seen in the #MeToo scandals. Very eligible males can’t find satisfying sex lives because they see women strictly in sexual terms. They can’t relate to women as human beings.
Society is controlled by Cabalists who believe reality is something you invent  subjectively rather than discover objectively. Hollywood (and TV/ music) are vast reality-inventing factories.  They’re so good that we forget we are watching a fabricated reality. Very little corresponds to real life. People don’t talk or act this way in real life. Fiction usually is fiction. 
This mythical reality is designed to distract, corrupt, manipulate and mask what is really happening. 
Instead of revealing the truth, or uplifting us, movies and TV now are mostly agitprop, i.e. Communist propaganda. That’s why we never see any movies about the Communist Jewish subversion of the West, movies about genuine patriots like Charles Lindbergh, Joseph McCarthy, Henry Ford or Whitaker Chambers. 

Illuminati “Sex Goddess” Programming  — Updated from May 27, 2016

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I have a hunch that sexual desire is partly in the mind. We are programmed to desire sex but could be programmed to desire mystical experiences or to perform selfless acts instead. We desire what our Illuminati masters teach us to desire and are “happy” if we achieve it. Mental rather than spiritual beings, we are programmed to be sex addicts by the Satanists who control the mass media.
A 22-year-old Swedish man wrote: “Most of my friends see women as the holy grail. Pretty much their whole existence is based around “getting laid”. It’s like we are devolving into animals. Maybe that is their goal. And if you’re not getting women, you are a loser…” Hedy Lamarr’s autobiography “Ecstasy and Me” (1966) got me thinking about sex programming. Lamarr was Hollywood’s biggest sex symbol in the 1940s.  She reminded me of all the sex symbols they used to program me – Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren etc.  These women (and their male counterparts) were treated like Goddesses, and their successors still are.
Hollywood programs men to seek first and foremost physical perfection and sex, resulting in arrested development. Moreover, beautiful women are presented as morally superior while at the same time catering to a man’s every physical and emotional need. This programming creates unrealistic expectations. It destabilizes society by putting women on a pedestal, giving them power they did not earn and do not deserve and making men afraid to approach them. In general, they are using women to disempower men, much like Eve and Adam.



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