Symbols, Hand Signs and Enduring Lies

First thing, I would like to direct your attention to the right sidebar and the Nabka graphic that we hope will soon find its way to blogs and newsgathering sites around the internet expressing solidarity with a beleaguered people. This was designed by a reader known as Massoud. Please feel free to make use of it at your site.

People, we don’t have the big guns, the laws or the enforcement mechanisms which were created under the pretense of our protection and which now exist to suppress us. We no longer possess the freedoms that our alleged enemies hate us for possessing. Many of you no longer have your jobs or even your homes. You no longer have your savings. What you have is a greater degree of fear and uncertainty. What you have is a government that serves the interests of another government which has been hard at work making war on the American people and against many another people for the personal gain of this foreign government and those in the institutions who serve it.

Since the time history has recorded the passage of events, we have seen the body public at the mercy of those whose intent has been merciless plunder and control. We see each new form of the same thing replace what follows and becomes the same thing behind a different mask. Their greatest weapon has been the continuous appearance of our helplessness before them. We are not helpless. We have been cynically divided against one another for the purpose of this continuance and we have assisted them in this by believing the lies that they have created in order to rule us and to bleed us dry.

We are not and never have been as helpless as we have been led to believe we are. Without our compliance they are nothing. They have used symbols and proclamations; bombastic calls to a counterfeit patriotism, promises of things never delivered, rumors of enemies who do not exist and all of it nothing more than an advertising campaign to control the moment and the future they weave from the cloth of our confusion.

The seeming, hard-wired appearance of what we are told is real is based on what we have allowed ourselves to believe. It is not real. It is held together by an incessant, subliminal programming and our weakness in believing what we have been told.

Many of you have seen what the internet has brought us. Never before has there been such a weapon put into the hands of the people. We have not made the collective use of this tool in the ways that we can. Instead of generating our own symbols- retaking the original meaning of ancient symbols- and giving them our focus in the place of the insidious icons they have used to manipulate us, we have spent our time arguing about the meaning of their action instead of taking actions of our own. We have determined that certain symbols are evil, that certain hand-signs make everyone who uses them an emissary of evil. We talk about Masons and Illuminati as if everything connected to our ideas about these organizations are of the darkest evil and this is not so.

I cannot hope to engage all of the thoughts that pass through my head in relation to this subject so I am going to focus on the symbols that are in play and the organizations that manipulate them for the purpose of control.

Anyone who has studied ancient religions and seen pictures of Hindu deities; Buddha’s Chinese and Japanese sages, have seen the hand positions of these statues and graphics. There is a marked similarity between the way the hands are held and the so-called ‘devil’s horns’ that we have noted world leaders, celebrities and many others flashing in public displays. You’ll see what I mean by taking a little time to scan some of these sites. A little effort given to specific areas of inquiry will show you what I am talking about. You can research any of the areas mentioned and see similarities in the way the hands are held and you can look in the right side bar and see my own hands.

These are naturally occurring phenomena in anyone who has had a certain amount of Kundalini rising. You can study the origin of the Swastika for a great deal of illumination. You can study the arcane meaning of the Star of David and all of the other symbols that you have been given to believe are evil and which are not. Symbols do trap power and they speak to the unconscious mind and provoke certain reactions which surface into the conscious active plane in a variety of ways.

Let me give you a glaring truth which you can find countless examples of. A hammer is a hammer. You can use it to hammer a lot of things. You can hammer nails for the purpose of construction and you can use it to hammer nails into someone’s body. This speaks not only to the utility of the hammer but the nail as well. You can use the hammer alone on the back of someone’s head. It is our intention that determines the action to which the hammer is applied. It all depends on who is using the hammer and to what purpose.

I have studied aspects of the Masons and other so-called occult organizations. I have traced their rituals to their origins in ancient Egypt and cultures preceding that. I have traced the Hebrew alphabet to the Chaldean flame alphabet and you may be sure that all of these things we view in present time go back a long, long way. The hammer and the uses to which it has been put go back a really long way as well. Cain brained Abel with a form of hammer.

Don’t get it into you head that these things are primarily evil. They are examples of power and that power can be applied in numerous ways. Because we live in an era when materialism is the preemptive force, these things are generally applied to evil intent but not entirely. It is what you are, what you think you are, that determines the way these things are used. Most people do not realize the essential meaning of these things or the degree to which they are influenced by them every day.

We are in a time of ‘revealing’ and as each day passes we are going to see more and more of what we have not seen before. Confusion is the main weapon of the enemy and the main tools of the enemy are what they have co-opted from traditions that may not have had their present applications as the original intent. I can’t say more than I am saying. It is for the reader to get the implications being presented here. Most of the people manipulating these things are being manipulated themselves and do not realize it.

The original intent of the one we call Jesus Christ was much different than the purposes to which his teachings were turned for the benefit of those interpreting them. Look at modern day Christianity. Look at any religion. Look at their history. This applies across the board to everything. We are in for some big surprises about all of the things we think we know and these things have as much rational and practical truth to them as any metaphysical meaning we have given them. Business is not bad. We could scarcely operate without it. It is the way business is being done, not business itself.

We are led to believe that life is an outworking of every man for himself. Life is at is most efficient when we operate to the benefit of all. Benefit naturally accrues to us when we do. It is the way we go that determines the end we arrive at. Let’s give more thought to what we inherently know to be true than to what we are told. We are working against our one best interest most of the time by emulating those who have worked to make us believe what is contrary to the good of us all for the benefit of those who rob and deceive us by tricking us into behaving like them.

I realize that this is a little different than the usual Smoking Mirrors fare but it needs to be said; at least I believe that it does. I’ll be back again with the vin ordinaire and leave you with the enduring hope on my part that we can all begin to wake up to what is being performed upon us in order to make us behave like those who are abusing us. Gain control of your own heart and mind and their power and influence will be rendered mute.

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