The Fierce Encroachment of the Last Gasp of Darkness

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Jan 30, 2014

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Relocation completed; details at next Origami.
What do you know? We got another missing airplane. We got another missing ‘Asian’ airplane. I came in on an Asian air; not wanting to come up against mainland TSA body cavity searches. No, visible… surely there is no there there then oder spater (forgive the missing umlaut). The reader must bear with me for a short while; probably till after the New Year as many concerns need to be addressed but… all the major ones are ALREADY taken care of; talking about fast work and not the sort of thing to be expected, usually, in these environs.
Happy New Year, my friends! May this coming year bring massive frustrations for The Overlords and a rapid diminishment of all of their powers and influence. May this new year bring a rising tide of awareness all along the river banks of this world. May our banks be flush with the currency of consciousness and may every dark dream die. May we rise to every occasion, as the light intensifies against the fierce encroachment of the last gasp of the darkness, that seeks to bury the common mind within it. That is not the fate I have chosen for myself, nor do I support that end for you. Let us always remember that beneath this blanketing curse of Materialism, there are many brave souls who labor in vineyards far and wide, seeking the unity of mind, which empowers our collective to resist the unhappy highways being built for our gridlock and demise.
Om Raksha, Raksha Phat! Or… in English; “Out Demons out!” more or less (grin).
This is a new year coming and I don’t know if that means anything for anyone out there. There are various new years that have their own dates and which do not fall on January 1st but… WHENEVER there is a date that celebrates a demarcation point in the natural cycling, or which relates to some signal event, warranting either celebration or reprobation; when millions are aware of any one of them, then power attends their arrival. Whenever a large segment of the population have their minds set upon the experience of some brief moment in time and which comes around and around, again and again, there is power in the presence of that day or that period. The bad guys know this as well as the good guys do. The bad guys have a limited awareness. The good guys may… or may not… have a limited awareness.
I think I can assure the reader that things are going to begin to move at a much higher rate of speed shortly. I hate to use my own circumstances and situation as a measure for this but… I have found…, generally, when things change for me in a dramatic way, then things change across the board in a wider sense; not because of me but simply because there is a symmetry in things that manifests in the individual and the collective in a simultaneous fashion. I have always noted this to be so and I could give a multitude of examples just by mentioning time periods and then mentioning what it was that happened to me in respect of these periods and it has always proven out. I’ll give only one example, though there are many… and that example is; when I saw Bush the Stupid coming and understood that I had to hightail it out of what had previously been Dodge or, whatever it was that it was and which then became what Bush the Stupid was the Gumbi icon of and… which you now have still with Bush Lite, I flew away …because I knew if I had stayed I would have been dead or in prison by now.
That I have now been sent back into formerly abandoned environs, tells me that things may actually get better at certain points in the Toxic Empire; given that it matches up with everything that went before and along the same lines. I don’t know that this is the case for sure but… going by what has been the case, so many times before, it is encouraging. It’s true… I’m on a small island, which is the biggest (and most furthest out) island in an island chain and thousands of miles from the mainland but… still a part of that failed experiment, which… may eventually go in a great number of different directions regardless; REGARDLESS of where is has ‘seemed’ to head so far. There really is no telling how and in what fashion it may yet all wind up. We just don’t know. We ‘think’ we do but… we don’t.
On a personal note, things have come together in such a way that in less than a week, I have accomplished everything necessary that anyone might need to accomplish, in order to be set up in a new location …and not have anything pending otherwise. To be able to do something like this and considering that the first couple of days were given to the eradication of jet lag and the needs for integration and that there are still two days short of a week in residence, I’d say that is pretty PDQ.
“Is it real or is it Memorex.” I’m sure there are those of you who are familiar with that blast from the past. It has real meaning in present time and I don’t know that Memorex even exists anymore. I’ve heard a lot of things recently about clones and seriously futuristic technologies that deal with everything from near unbelievable weaponry to time travel. I suppose these things can be true. Then again, it might all be bullshit. I have to presume that what ‘they’ have is certainly well beyond what they tell us they have but… a lot of that might be bullshit too. We just don’t know.
Here is what I do know. Evil destroys itself and it also destroys not only the conscious workers of evil but it destroys the unconscious workers of evil as well. The former is made up of a very small consortium of the human (actually inhuman) and alien presence here. The unconsciously evil; the shades of gray faction is… unfortunately, large. Your guide to understanding the world (that you are presently inhabiting) is to realize that you are in a crisis point of a particular age and as it so happens here in the present, that is the Kali Yuga. That means that ‘most’ people are members of one or the other of those two states. If this were some other age, we would automatically reflect that. When I say crisis point, what I mean is… let us say that Kali Yuga is more darkness than light (which it is). At crisis points, there is an emphasis on the plot for the successful seduction of general consciousness. In other words it is darker than is usually is because… because it is a crisis point.
Why am I bringing this up? Given what I witnessed getting here and given what I remember about where I was and given what I have seen since I have been here… it behooves all participants to pay special attention to the world they are resident in, given that they are not already in a cave somewhere in a remote location. Crisis points are points of extreme off center gyroscopics, where… somehow, against all odds, it works out or it goes DOWN. In the much longer periods, where it is the general formula of the age, it reflects that state as an expression of the degrees of light and darkness operative but… given that “things fall apart and the center cannot hold” well… “quoth the raven, nevermore.” That would be at least until the blasted landscape gets seeded again. I’m not saying this is written; written into the pattern and written upon the prevailing wind. That is just one scenario but… it has happened before more than once. It could be a combination of different routes and agendas being fulfilled or a sudden burst of light might flood the minds of those undulating in intoxicated sleep. We just don’t know but what we do know is that every one of us CAN make a difference.
I am sure a lot of people ask the question; “if there are superior civilizations that have mastered the higher octaves of ‘electro-magenetics’, then why don’t they just show up and do us all a favor and kick some terrestrial ass and make things better for the most of us? Hmmm… good question. If they are that superior, then they have come to understand the more subtle laws of Karma and they know full well that things must work out on their own, mostly; bear in mind that a part of Kali Yuga is about bills due from times for which no recorded history presently exists. This is a time when all sorts of inexplicable and sometimes horrendous events go down, that relate to vanished times, that only the few can access the reasons for. For you serious students of metaphysics, you know that making sense of our circumstances is not to be gleaned from researching the usually available resources. Like the library at Alexandria, they are no longer accessible. Not being able to know why does not curtail the impact of what goes down. Like they say, when they justify one or another of their many extortion rackets; “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” As it turns out, ignorance is never a workable defence, given what it results in.
I don’t know very much and the reason I say that is because I have some slight idea of the degree of knowledge that is possessed by those who do know …but there are some things that I know which I can’t talk about because in the attempt to do so, one very quickly notes that some things just can’t be said; words don’t go there. Let me try in my limited fashion to give some brief reasoning here about all that. The reason that symbols are used to define archetypal representatives and certain enduring truths is because, like yantras and mandalas, they stand for many, many words that cannot be put into verbal expression. They are what they are and they resonate and telegraph and generally their area of operation is the subconscious, which takes those pictures and then translates them into understandings for the self conscious mind. Believe it or not, there are levels of communication and understanding which are higher even that the visuals that come through archetypes and mythical allegory and analogy.
My friends… in my usual fashion, I have danced around here, trying to say what I cannot say. Many times when you hear from someone that they are not deliberately hiding something; they just can’t tell you because it doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t. You may be absolutely sure that if I could I would. What I can say here is that all of this ties together and earlier reference points reflect the following concluding points. What I suggest can be explained in my tormenting an ancient adage by saying; “fuck two doctors and call me in the morning.” It doesn’t work like that but… going out and doing it is the most certain way to find out what you should already know by not doing it in the first place.
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