Insiders: Putin Belonged to the Royal Arch Lodge

Introduction — Oct 13, 2018

For the record this website doesn’t believe that this an authentic disclosure from ex-intelligence officer Richard Tomlinson. Tomlinson was indeed a former MI6 officer but he had previously released an affidavit that clearly implicated British intelligence in Princess Diana’s “accident”.
That doesn’t mean to say that some of what follows isn’t true. Intelligence agencies often mix truth with disinformation in order to make their lies more believable. However, Tomlinson’s affidavit had made him a prime target to discredit and this needs to be seen in light of that. Ed.

Bloggers claiming to be ex-Intelligence agents say crazed MI-5 & MI-6 wreak havoc for the Illuminati

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — from May 2009 

scarlett1Blogs by people claiming to be former  MI-5 and MI-6 agents paint a sordid picture of state terrorism, rape, torture, mind control, murder and pedophilia all in the service of the Illuminati.
The main blog is called Richard Tomlinson and the Russians  — An ‘Unofficial Biography’ of an ex-MI6 officer who is currently engaged in a battle with British Intelligence, in order to stop a campaign of harassment against him… Mr. Tomlinson is a Royal Arch Freemason…trained as an MI-6 mind-control programmer.”
There are a dozen more blogs listed on this site. Taken together with comments by insiders, they tell a hair-raising tale of mayhem perpetrated by deranged intelligence agencies that serve the satanic Illuminati cult and not the nations that pay their salaries. Most people will not believe it. It has taken me nearly a year to process it.
Here are some highlights:
 +”Vladimir Putin has a long history as a Royal Arch Freemason. He is “a puppet – always has been. You only have to look into his vacuous eyes to see that. – how much ECT does it take to run a Puppet-President? Quite a bit, I would imagine.” He also was a crossdresser & boy toy to current MI-6 Director John Scarlett.”

Continues …