Time to get them off that gravy train and hang them high

Thanks to the Internet, tens of thousands of people are realising each month what kind of a sick joke Western democracy really is. Once they have worked out that it makes no difference who they vote for, because elections are like a horse race where all the horses are owned by the same person, it becomes easy enough for them to see past all the smoke and mirrors. One of the most fascinating questions then becomes how it is possible that our self-chosen rulers are getting away with their web of lies. Why are there so many people participating in this scam?

As complex and sophisticated the Matrix might seem, this evil machines that creates our virtual reality, it has one decisive weakness. It depends too much on the greed and cowardness of the illusionists also known as gatekeepers. Those gatekeepers control every aspect of Western society: universities, media, politics, science, public service, even the corporate world. They are hand-picked for their corruptibility and their ability to deceive. As soon as these con salesmen have been spotted by the Matrix’s talent scouts, they are put on the gravy train. Fat cat salaries, a few thousands dollars for a speech engagement here and there, those lucrative book contracts and paid appearances on TV and conferences, it all adds up. In return, all those gatekeepers have to do is religiously parrot the lies of our ruling crime families, as scripted for them by the likes of the CFR.

Some people might think, ah well, it’s their business if they want to prostitute themselves. Sure, there is always going to be those teachers pets who suck up to their bosses to earn some brownie points. But in the case of our gatekeepers it’s not that simple. Our ruling crime families don’t pay for the gravy train out of their own pockets. We do. We pay for it through taxes, higher product prices, our freedom and safety, and – worst of all –the health of our kids.

The single most significant source of income for the Matrix is the sale of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are – by a far distance – the biggest and most profitable industry in the world. The only people who get caught and put into jail for the sale of drugs are those idiots who think they can infringe on the law enforced, tax payer funded monopoly of the likes of the CIA, MI5, BND, ASIO and Mossad, to name just some of the biggest franchisees, who are selling those drugs to our kids. The obscene profits from those sales then fuel that gravy train that keeps the Matrix going.

If you think that’s a wild conspiracy theory ask yourself a few questions:

* Why can a crack pot drug addict work out where to buy drugs, but the police can’t? Don’t give me that silly excuse that there is no point catching the small dealers in the street, that the police needs to get the people behind them, at the top. They had plenty of time to do so and they didn’t. It’s still easier, after decades of prohibition, to buy heroin anywhere in the Western world than buying a decent second hand car.

* Why is that it took only months after the Taliban shut down opium production in Afghanistan, for the West to put together a military campaign to oust the government and restore production to pre-Taliban levels?

* Why is it that seven years later everybody talks about pulling out their troops from Iraq, but nobody – not even war-tired Germany – says anything about reducing their troops in Afghanistan?

* Why are drugs like heroine illegal in the first place? All it does is increase the prices and the profits of the people who sell it. If those junkies want to kill themselves, by all means, go ahead. But don’t break into my house or rob my wife’s handbag to pay for it. And no, I don’t want to pay for an inflated legal system to increase the profits of the people who sell the drugs.

Of course there will always be those people who sheepishly trust into their leaders, even if confronted with proof that they are criminals. I just feel sorry for them. What disgusts me more are those people who know what’s wrong but pretend that everything is okay. They are like the ‘house niggers’ who were so fond of their privileges, compared to their peers working in the fields, that they rather takes sides with their slave masters.

Anyone with the capacity to prevent a grave injustice from occuring, or at least alarm the public, is as guilty as the person who is committing the crime. The Matrix can only function through the illusions created by the gatekeepers and the silence of those in the know. They are not just greedy cowards, they are scum. Time to get them off that gravy train and hang them high.

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Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of dissident blog ZioPedia.org and founder of Rebel News. He can be contacted on andrew@therebel.org. You can find more of his articles in the Editorial Section of the ZioPedia.org site

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