Voice of the White House May 22, 2009

“I have spoken about the Chinese counterfeiting of American coins before but now it seems they are faking up a wide spectrum of coins. Not only do they strike all the Morgan dollars and a growing number of U.S. gold coins, they are starting in on adulterated gold European coins to include the British sovereigns, French and Swiss francs, Chinese pandas and now Krugerrands.

All of these are gold, children, but not pure or nearly pure gold. Lots of silver mixed in and then the fakes are plated with 24 caret gold. Easy to spot if you weigh them. They weigh less than originals but then the idiots who buy from fancy coin catalogs don’t use scales. Most of the fakes are being sold on Ebay which is the worst den of thieves since Ali Baba threw in the towel. When you see rigged stories about fictional shipwreck finds or bags of Morgans just discovered in some dusty bank vault somewhere, run for the hills. Now, I learn, the chinks are turning out Spanish gold and silver coins, Roman and Greek pieces and even the small silver and gold Japanese pieces.

I can’t see where they have copied the junk modern coinage but my source tells me that the ’64 Kennedy half dollars are suddenly showing up in suspicious numbers. I am working up a list of what are now known to be on the market and will publish it, probably in about a week after I get back from a well-deserved vacation.

And the Chinese are boiling with rage because Obama has raised the interest in US T-bills, because this deflates the value of their immense holdings of same. They have basically ordered the American government to cease and desist. All of this moral high ground while their corrupt government is knowingly permitting the western business markets to be flooded with dangerous and often deadly drugs (many marketed through Canada) and ships full of fake gold and silver coins and rip offs of American products. We don’t need to go to war with the zipper heads but we can thoroughly boycott them and their American front businesses. Why not try this? To make a racist pun, this would put a different slant on things.”

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