Operation Midas: Review

Review — Dec 23, 2014

Click to go to Amazon to read reviews.

Click to go to Amazon to read reviews.

Some books can evoke laughter, anxiety, suspense and a myriad other emotions but very few concern and even fear in the precious metals industry. So many individuals and companies depend their entire livelihood on one metal: gold.
Any person or company who trades in gold in any way, shape, form or function should be made aware of this exposition now available in a privately published book.
If you think that gold bars, coins, earrings, bracelets and other items made of gold are a bulwark or safeguard against inflation or poverty, this exposure will erode your confidence like nitric acid.
Peter Gill, a private investigator, presents a most extraordinary account that will rock the stability of the gold industry like an earthquake.
This is a story about counterfeit gold that is indistinguishable, even by experts, from genuine gold. Furthermore, it has been, and is still surreptitiously infiltrating the gold industry completely undetected for at least five years.
We have just been through a period of “cash for gold” and seen shops, jewellers and pawn brokers rush frenziedly to buy people’s gold. But, have they bought genuine gold?
Available on Amazon kindle or in proper book from Revelation Books and Tapes. Also available on Amazon.
There are two reviews on Amazon thus far and both have given Operation Midas a 5 star rating:
“I thoroughly recommend this book as a valuable insight into a murky world, for the information it contains in the way of a thoroughly good ripping yarn.”
— DA Munro
The evidence is convincing, and the implications of this information if it were fully revealed to the public are mind-blowing.
— VM Webbe

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