Migchels – The Matrix is Made of Money

by Anthony Migchels — Two Brilliant Films (abridged by henrymakow.com) Dec 21, 2014

Two new films perfectly expose how the financial system dominates the globe by centralizing wealth and power through Usury, the manipulation of money, and credit allocation.
Global pyramid. Click to enlarge

Global pyramid. Click to enlarge

They prove history is not a matter of competing nation states, but of a shadowy elite that rules the world through control of money. We are indeed slaves and the Matrix owns us, lock, stock and barrel.
Understanding how it all came about is impossible without a basic grasp of how their control of money governs our lives.
These two films, Renaissance 2.0 – Financial Empire and ‘Princes of the Yen, Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy paint a crystal clear picture of the main issues. They certainly widened my horizons.
The first focusses on the effects of Usury, the second on how Central Banks create booms and busts. It also explains in simple and direct terms what power there is in credit allocation.
This film was created by Damon Vrabel. Here’s an interesting article by him on Usury. His basic take is very sound, focussing on its exponential nature:
“The exponential math not only creates exponential debt growth, but also exponentially increasing:
Scale – government and businesses keep getting bigger; we get smaller and local communities lose their meaning
Velocity – the hamster wheel keeps spinning faster; human life suffers
Consumption – we buy more and more things that break more quickly
Production – we make more and more things that break more quickly
Inflation – the dollar buys less and less; we can’t seem to make progress
None of these things have to happen in an economic system. They only happen in ours because of debt-based money, usury, that greatly benefits the top of the pyramid while everyone else suffers according to their level in the pyramid.
So this system is guaranteed to fail due to not only the impossible math, but also the fundamental immorality. Taken together those five issues paint a horrible picture.”
The film is basically a presentation he put together. It’s well done, with clear cut visuals that center around the pyramid of power. It greatly helps to keep this picture in mind always. It’s simply the nature of power and it’s behind all their schemes, from Libertarianism to Marxism.

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