Men, Don’t Give Up on Women! — Dec 13, 2014

In the video, above, Paul Watson adroitly summarizes the conclusions of Sexodus!– “Men are Giving Up on Women and Checking Out of Society” and “Feminism Leaves Male Sexuality in Crisis.”
These articles have caused a minor sensation but young men are advised to ignore the noise and get on with being real men, which includes leading wife and family.
“Giving up on women is an understandable reaction but it’s not what real men do.”

by Henry Makow Ph. D.

According to “Sexodus,” young women today are too arrogant, confused, crazy and slutty to consider as wives and mothers. Because of family law, marriage can be lethal. As result, men are withdrawing to a private world of sports, video games and porn. Many of the comments confirm this assertion.
Paul Watson correctly attributes this trend to social engineering. Indeed, when it comes to monogamy, the mass media is a toxic bath.
But it’s important to realize that “giving up on women” is precisely what the social engineers want men to do. Their goal is to re-engineer society and this involves destroying our family identity.
Giving up on women is an understandable reaction but it’s not what real men do. Preconceptions like those enforced by “Sexodus” prevent men from finding a suitable mate.
People are governed by chimeras. Most of these mental constructs are untrue or incomplete.
They’re evil spells like feminism. So my advice is to stow self-defeating paradigms and adopt a positive vision.
Masculinity is defined by power. Exercise your power. The backbone of a man is his work. Focus all your energies on pursuing a career which provides you with satisfaction, reward and recognition. The rest will follow naturally.


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