Pooka Time in the Circus of the Ridiculous and Absurd

Smoking Mirrors — Dec 13, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
My friends, this years Darwin Awards have come out and we are going to share them with you  AND if you haven’t had enough we are sending you to the Slush Pile afterwards. There are some real winners in the Slush Pile. I apologize for turning you on to something that you will be unable to stop reading.
Every so often I see something like this and I just have to shake my head. I note the long, exhaustive list of credentials and prestigious fellow associates and I shake my head again. If I shake my head anymore, I expect to start feeling like one of those life like plastic dolls with the Pet Rock rattling around in its head. I’d like to think it is ONLY caused by my shaking my head. I don’t know though, do I?
I live in a world where anything is possible but only certain things are probable. I’m not in a position to say one way or the other whether this tale is true. Meanwhile though, my subconscious is screaming, “Bullshit!” at the top of her lungs. Speaking on this order of things, Mr. Visible is watching the latest Transformers film and oh… what an excruciating turd it is. It is most notable for the acting chops of the not ready for Bay Watch blonde who plays Marc Wahlberg’s daughter. Not since Sophia Copola in Godfather 3 have I seen someone with so little acting ability. That she is connected or that she paid in the coin of her realm for the role is without a doubt. I became fascinated while watching her perform. “Can it possibly be as bad as it looks?” I ask myself. The response is not long in coming, “It is worse.”
Either the Greeks know who is behind their problems or… this is another one of those sympathy cards like the acid tossing in the West Bank. Here we are told that a Palestinian terrorist threw acid on a family yet… they were only slightly, or was that lightly wounded? How do you get slightly wounded when someone throws acid on you? Perhaps it was Lysergic acid? Citric Acid? Upchucking Acid Reflux?
We are most assuredly in The Circus of the Absurd and Ridiculous. The ringmaster is center stage in The Big Tent. Of course it is Mr. Apocalypse, who doesn’t look anything like Don Cheedle on Thursday Night Football. He looks a little like David Niven but… he’s got those Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry eyes, unless, of course, you are one of the identifiable good guys and then he looks like Jimmy Stewart in “Harvey” but that’s just for those of us that can see Harvey too. Most of us don’t even know about the Harvey’s running around or even what a ‘pooka’ is. Of course, those of us with affiliations with the Devic Realm do and… for myself that is the primary thing I am looking forward to in my pending relocation. Where I am going is one of the youngest land masses on Earth and- as a result- the elementals are still very active and I am older now, which is a lot like being younger, depending on who you are and how you got where you got to.
Our given life… as has been diagrammed here from most every available direction, with the employment of many an analogy, metaphor, parable, proverb and fable, is uniquely specific or specifically unique, however you prefer. What this means is that you start out wherever you start out and there is a constant interplay and engagement with the world around you and a constant shaping of your personality and every element of your being, according to the way you react to circumstances and… there’s a bit more complexity to it but… let’s just say that as we continue, our path develops and separates from, or merges with, some or many of the paths around us. For a few of us, we wind up on something more eclectically derived but more singularly expressed and as time passes, the distance between our path and the usual courses widens and widens, even though we might seem to be in the same room with all kinds of people, we are not… in many ways, nor are we bound to the same common end.
Things are worth about as much as the degree of your struggle to acquire them. You might say that- in a way- the degree of your suffering is a yardstick for the level of your achievement. Some of us are called upon to suffer to an extreme degree because of what is expected of us. Sometimes we have no idea of what that is.
Those who are inclined to ‘explore’ their own nature should already know that there is something different about them because most people, especially in this day and age are not so inclined. I should further add that for all of those who might embark on this course, those who continue beyond a certain point are in a very small minority; the costs are just too great for most people and you can be sure and certain that these things will be asked of you. Still… it’s not always hard highway and hard cheese on hard bread. It’s not living on the edge forever… eventually things change and things smooth out. It happens sooner for some and much nearer the end for others. In some cases you get snatched away but that’s not relevant to this posting.
There is a reason that the enemies of humanity are coming out into the open at this time. There is a reason that the so called elite- illuminati- poisonous blood lines, Zionists-bankers and Satanists are exposing themselves. They had been operating in the shadows for a good long time. The Rothschilds have been around since whenever and it goes back further than that. They’ve been fomenting wars and causing all kinds of grievous hardships for a long time. They are without conscience. Most of us can’t imagine what it is like inside their heads because most of us are nothing like that but… only a few of us are conscious to any degree and instead of the human race evolving and getting smarter, most of it is getting stupider by the day. It is a sad state of affairs.
As I said, there is a reason for them coming out into the open. There is a reason for the Internet. There is a reason for all kinds of things going on at the moment and for things that are shortly to take place and these reasons are not their reasons, though they may think that they are.
Working at the sort of thing we do here, what with invisible friends and all, there’s no way you can appear sane; even when these invisible friends have appeared for half a dozen different people over the last few years. No matter what you say… there is someone who is going to object to it. If you say Alice Bailey was not evil then that makes you evil in the eyes of those with poor scholarship, who for the most part have never read her work. I assure you that anyone who can write Glamour, a World Problem is not evil. If you use anything as an example, someone is going to think you are promoting it. If you take the time to explain everything that anyone questions, then you will have no time for anything else. If you are not oh so fucking sensitive at all times, you will hurt someone’s feelings; that is inevitable and often they will NEVER forgive you. If you do not acknowledge people according to their own level of assumed importance, you will have created a Frankenstein monster, single mindedly devoted to slander and false witnessing. Some of us aren’t here to play patty cake and ring around the Rosy. We’re here to do whatever it is that we do and then one day we turn the corner and disappear into the mist.
If you say you don’t want to be a guru, people say that is just another way to go about it and if you say you are a guru, well then; point made. If you take on the persona of that sort of an individual, you wind up attracting all sorts of annoying people who won’t leave you alone. The whole thing makes me laugh fairly often. Life becomes so much simpler when you don’t take yourself seriously. You have to decide whose opinion is important to you and you do your best to live up to that expectation. Some might fear being manipulated by another but we all manipulate each other. The question is; to what end? If we are manipulating people to their benefit perhaps that is good but generally people, in their ordinarily paranoid fashion, consider any manipulation to be evil. This is because they want to control everything but you can’t control everything unless you control yourself and if you are in control of yourself, you automatically control everything else anyway. Why this is not more generally understood is something for one to analyze in those instances where that is even necessary. If you are ONLY controlling yourself you are still manipulating people..
All of this inclines toward what I feel compelled to say at regular intervals; time will tell and we shall see… keeping in mind that this is an apocalypse and the idea that anyone can hide anything is ludicrous. This is especially so when it begins to accelerate, which it has yet to do at the level of intensity that is possible. We are all going to be outed. That’s good and bad but overall good. I know it probably hasn’t been easy for many of you in recent times. The force of darkness is considerable and we don’t get the space and breathing room we used to have. We don’t get that Sunday picnic in the meadow period very often, if at all. The survival scenario is by turns, worrisome and frantic. The looming what ifs of the day are weighty and fraught with apprehension, yet… though the storm clouds threaten in the further reach of the skies, they seem not to approach further just yet. Something is holding the whole thing in abeyance; to what end? To what end?
Despite appearances, we live in remarkable times and they can be made all the more remarkable if we are remarkable and not just another cookie cutter version of prevailing fashions that shimmer like Spring in their time of fascinating magnetics and turn to dead leaves in the fall, when the juice gets turned off and routed to the next temporary hallucination that most everyone either follows like it was a religion, or reacts to in one way or another, in order to maintain peer group recognition and assimilation into the herd, at some sought after level where satisfaction is realized, according to the peculiar demands of the ego. Each of them comes with a clothing ensemble and certain quirks of language that make them identifiable to their kind. They come with different software programs and levels of functionality. Inside the mind and the emotions of most all of them, is an amalgam of core beliefs (the benefits and detriments of karma), much of it is programmed and the rest is adaptation. I could go on and on about it and it appears that I do, day after day. I’m guessing there is a reason but part of it is my not knowing what the reason is (grin). Time will tell and we will see.
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