America’s death dance

. . . and the comatose American people don’t react

By John Kaminski — via Rebel News.rog Dec 1, 2014

America's death dance. Click to enlarge

America’s death dance. Click to enlarge

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before . . .

The gay perverts in Washington insist some country is abusing its own citizens, and America needs to ride to the rescue, either with a No Fly Zone (buzz phrase for all-out massacre) . . . OR, it needs to funnel arms to the rebels (invariably Mossad-approved henchmen hired out of the same sewer as Al-Qaeda, ISIL or the Jew butchers assigned by Hillary Clinton to take over the so-called government of Ukraine) so they can destroy the target country and provide more reconstruction contracts for Halliburton.

They call this a financial strategy. They have been using it for more years than we realize.

All the while, the Jew controlled maniacs in the White House keep insisting that honest leaders who have done their best to improve the situations in their countries have really been terrible tyrants who need to be destroyed. Doubtless you know the list: Qaddafi, Saddam, Milosevic . . . and if you know your history, Czar Nicholas II.

The difference today is that it’s not merely a psychotic president with the itchy trigger finger, it’s the entire House of Representatives, which recently voted to significantly increase the chances of World War III by blaming Russia for the trouble in the Ukraine, when it was clearly fomented by the U.S. and its Israeli masters. <>

There are apparently no independent actors in Congress who will refuse the direct orders from their Jewish masters that are destroying America. There are certainly none in mainstream media, meaning the majority of the American people believe what the Jews tell them to believe, meaning that a rigor mortis of the soul has set in, dooming the once bright American republic to a future of semi-conscious slavery.

This is the new reality all Americans must face.

What comes out of the foul mouths of Jew controlled American politicians is consistently not in the best interests of the American people, and in fact, consistently violates the laws these corrupt creeps supposedly took an oath to uphold.

The U.S. threatens war with Russia over a situation that the U.S. has created and then lies about who is responsible for it. The just-passed House Resolution 758 continues the neocon fantasy that Russia invaded the Ukraine and stole Crimea and recommends sending American arms to Ukraine.

The resolution calls on Russia to support the independence and sovereignty of all countries. Well, Russia already does this. It’s the United States that doesn’t do it. It’s the United States that shoots up countries that don’t bend to its will. It’s the United States that kills foreign leaders it doesn’t like, and then claims it has done that country a favor.

If you need more examples . . .

The U.S. sends planes and troops to fight a Mideast enemy it has itself armed and trained as part of a backdoor plan to destroy the nation of Syria.

Then, the international bankers tell the U.S. they will have to steal a percentage from everyone’s saving accounts in order to enable them to continue funding their derivative transactions, which already have bankrupted the entire world.

Then, although this has already been happening for years, the government has plans to ramp up the practice called civil forfeiture, in which law enforcement can steal what money you have on your person, give you a receipt for it, and never have to give it back to you. You may go to court to reclaim it, but it will take years to get it back, and you will never reclaim all of it.

Then, we learn that all businesses which burned on Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Missouri were targeted for redevelopment in a report published earlier in the year. Some people think a lot of the fires were lit by the police, and that the federal government manipulated this crisis to make it worse than it needed to be, all in the interests of corporate redevelopment.

And topping it all off — at least in today’s news — is America’s use of torture.

What a disgusting joke! As if Americans didn’t know.

Almost nobody blinked when it was first announced. Now they’re making a big deal about it over things we should have realized from the outset, as we should have realized that the invasions of all these countries were fraudulent, cruel, unnecessary and the real reason that America’s budgets are all busted, its people are starving, and there is no real hope for the future except more tyrannical misery.

Does all this sound like America to you? No. Does all this sound familiar? Yes.

When’s the last time your government did something you could truly be proud of, or implemented some program or plan that actually benefited the American people, or — hardest of all to believe — told the truth about any international incident or new law being imposed on the American people?

When’s the last time you could actually applaud your elected representative?

When’s the last time you felt that warm glow in your chest because you knew you were living in the fairest, most admirable country in the world?

Of course you can’t recall any specific examples of these, because there haven’t been any.

And why there haven’t been any is because none of our leaders are actually working for the American people. They’re working for the international bankers who furnish them with bribes to buy their consciences to look the other way as us ordinary peons continue to get fleeced. That’s why they’ve allowed the United Nations mandates to take the place of the U.S. Constitution — all without the approval of the American people.

The plan is to get everyone working for the government so there will be no one left to protest governmental tyranny. They won’t be able to, or they’ll lose their jobs. Between the career welfare recipients and the pampered illegal aliens who are given full benefits when they arrive, we’re almost at that point now. The infrastructure is teetering and the social systems are way past overloaded.

People march voluntarily into a prison fabricated by Jews in which they are not allowed to say what they’re thinking, they’re not allowed to talk about the Jewish control of everything for fear of losing their jobs, losing their money, and starving.

Economic watchdog Ellen Brown recently pointed out that the G-20 meeting in Brisbane put the final touches on a plan to do “bail-ins” throughout the world, which means people’s saving accounts will be given “haircuts” by the bankers so they can continue their insane derivatives trading and assure that the world goes many more trillions in debt, guaranteeing that their commissions will continue to grow so they can hire more security types to keep us ordinary people from killing them on the spot. <>

If that doesn’t worry you, I don’t know what would?

So this a clear indication that in a world run by criminal billionaires, ordinary hard working people simply don’t matter. Be sure and explain that clearly to your children and don’t be surprised when they spit in your face (as they should, if they are properly educated).

We need to do something a lot worse than that to all these politicians who depend on Israel for their bribes and their hookers. At the very least, every office holder you know should be confronted on a constant basis as to why they continue to work for a system that is destroying the country.

If there were justice in the world, those who invented and abetted the practice of torture — especially since they all knew the people they were torturing were innocent dupes — could suffer the application of these deviant horrors and live with the same scars their actions have inflicted on other innocent bystanders.

Yes, I would like to waterboard George W. Bush.

If you think you can hide from the future and that all these problems will somehow blow over, then you should realize you’re already as good as dead.

We need to take all these corrupt subhumans out into the streets and do something unspeakable to them, just like they’ve done to us.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.

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