Torso in Thames Link to 11 Murders

A key witness has claimed 11 children were murdered by a demonic African cult linked to the death of a boy whose torso was found in the Thames.

Detectives investigating the murder believe “Adam” was killed in a ritual ceremony by a west African cult in Britain. His torso was discovered clothed in only a pair of orange shorts in 2001.

Since then detectives have led a pioneering forensic investigation to track the killers. Police now believe Adam was brought to Britain from west Africa and murdered by members of a Nigerian black magic cult.
Investigators believe Adam was forced to drink a potion containing ground-up bones shortly before he was killed, and that the orange shorts were chosen for their colour, which they believe has religious significance. The activities of the cult were revealed by Joyce Osagiede, a Nigerian asylum seeker.

She told immigration officials she was seeking refuge from her husband, who had killed 11 children, including one of her daughters.

When police interviewed Osagiede, she said that she and her husband Sam Onojhighovie, 37, had been setting up branches of a new demonic cult in Germany and London. When police raided his home in Dublin they found evidence of what they believe was a human trafficking ring linked to demon worship.

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