Big Bad Things and Big Good Things

Visible Origami — Dec 9, 2014

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Day follows day and I follow my patterns and that finds me here, when I should be packing or doing any number of things like selling my VW and posting to EBay about other things. Instead, I am here with you. Interestingly, this relationship; you and I, feels quite intimate. I don’t know how many of you are telepaths. I am. I got that gift/curse as a result of my Kundalini Rising. Back then it was like having another ear. I could actually hear the thoughts and sometimes I would wind up in people’s minds AND… oh my, the immediate resistance to my intrusion was something to see. Unfortunately for the one seeking to push me out, there is only one mind and if you don’t know the technique for canceling out invasive thoughts, or you don’t have protection from on high… good luck.
I had this experience with the musician, John Hall, who was present at the Kundalini Uprising. He was not amused. In fact there were several people there and all of them were poleaxed by what happened. They just wanted to get back to D.C. and whatever they remembered of Normal. Not a word was spoken on the 70 mile drive back and we were driven directly to Dupont Circle where I was let out and not spoken to again by any of those parties  for years. Those were amazing times.
In any case, this is why I feel a degree of intimacy in this process. It accounts for the resonance back and forth and, of course, the invisible friends are not confined to any locale and they get involved here and there as some of you know; positively and negatively. The telepathy became modified because I didn’t like being intrusive in the thoughts of others so I sealed up that particular port. On reflection, perhaps I should have held on to it, given some of the bottom feeding characters I have run into; especially lately. Lessons that come to us are quite often instigated in order to save us from even more serious circumstances in future times. I comfort myself with that (grin). So the telepathy as it exists today is more of an emotional read for the purpose of positive and negative informing. And yes, I did pick up on the inner workings of those set upon putting me in harms way or stealing from me but… I let it go in order to give the possibility of it working out different, which it did not. I have since made the decision to give no slack at all in future times, which accounts for the most recent reactions from some.
Of course, there is slack and always will be to a degree. It is not furthering to turn into a hard ass. I suppose what I am talking about is a heightened application of discrimination. Temperance and the Lovers both have aspects of that and both of them have angels. We need to keep in mind that all sincere seekers have aid that comes out of the Devic Realm. If you don’t directly know about it, you haven’t done the work necessary to become aware of the workings. That can always be instituted at any point along the way. One of the methods I use is to carry on conversations with the angel (well before I got talked back to) who oversees my progress and also to inscribe things upon the robe of the High Priestess, who is like the Earth and the analogy is that of a seed idea placed into that darkness and which is watered and shined upon and then comes into being. This is how it works in the greater nature and this is how it works in our own nature and that is how it comes to be that everyone lives in a world of their own creation; keeping in mind that although you can modify Karma to an extent and you can certainly control how you react to it, the past has its say. I’m not sure if the Karma automatically arrests itself, once the need for it has been resolved. I am given to believe it is a mathematical thing. I do believe that grace can over rule it but that it is dispensed in a very sparing manner, most especially because this is Kali Yuga. Welcome to the jungle.
Palm fronds wave and the moon is high and full. Shiva lies prostrate, as still a corpse and wild eyed and writing Kali is seated astride him. It is with great difficult that we command our position in the darkness of the material world. Eventually stillness comes. Eventually there is tranquility. Eventually the raging sea of the mind is brought to quietude and the prevalence of Buddha mind prevails in all contacts and conditions.
Bless those who struggle here almighty god. Make your presences known. Send in the Minister of Judgment that we might be set free from the afflictions of the predators in our midst. Confound their plots. Confound their comings and goings. Turn all of their efforts against them. Render them impotent and ridiculous. Let the force of liberating laughter drive them under rocks and into the sea.
I feel sure that gratitude is what is most called for. Our eyes have been opened. There are many whose eyes are not open. Their eyes have been kept closed for the usual reason that governs all things in the manifest; the purpose of demonstration. How lucky we are that we can see what is taking place in its unmasked state. All over the world the populations are laden with chains of darkness woven from the smoke of base desires and negative emotions, which are cultivated like GMO’s by Monsanto AND… because they lie to themselves. They blow from the fields of bad into the fields of good and corrupt the landscape. They are blown by an ill will that bears not love for humanity, including the fools that serve it.
One of the things kept from the minds of evil workers is the conditions and environment of their certain fate. Elsewise they would not prance about with such glee, bathing in blood and dancing to the infernal music in their head. They are every bit in a trance just like the people they manipulate. They think they are calling the tune but something much older than themselves, something far more evil and malevolent than them is calling the tune. We are all actors in a scripted play with levels of improvisation attendant and measured out according to the degree of our submission of all thought and action to the prime mover; if that makes any sense.
Ah well… on and on it goes, no doubt toward things we expected earlier and which are not actually due till later on, for whatever the reason for that might be. Maybe we were led to believe it would all happen sooner as a motivation to get our act together or… in some cases, it didn’t happen so that too many might presume that nothing was going to happen but one need only look back at history to get confirmation that things happen. Big things happen. Big bad things happen. We’ve been waiting a long time for Big Good Things to happen. We’ve had short doses of positive expression. The 60’s certainly had their share of that up and into the 70’s, until Disco (a CIA mind control operation) came on the scene, followed by Cocaine and all the other bright but unhappy chemical combinations that continue to this day.
To me it seems a no brainer that the Satanists (and the CIA is a Satanic organization) see the capacity to control the populations lies in what music they listen to and what chemicals they put into their body. You add in the control of the media and the other areas of entertainment and you got a comprehensive programming apparatus that can be very effective. The CIA created MKUltra, which gave us that Satanist, Major Aquino. In any case, Satanists travel to those professions and locations where they can express their philosophy as well as can be. Do I have any evidence that the CIA created Disco? No… but I don’t doubt that the Satanists had a hand in it. I watched the effect of it on lifestyles, people’s appearances and all the activities they got up to, which were diametrically different than that of the 60’s and which also brought the populace back under control.
The time came to up the concentration level of the depravity so… rap got introduced into the system, giving us a jackhammer mind fuck. Now the most profane, pornographic and… lacking in all creativity skells, are at the top of the entertainment pyramid, legitimizing the worst behaviors and expressions, which then get acted out in life; as we can see if we just look around but… not if we lie to ourselves.
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