Taylor Twit and those Heroin Model Rock, Eyes of Darkness

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Dec 8, 2014

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One of the things that comes into my mind with regularity and which always stuns me to some degree and which may be why it comes into my mind with regularity, is what the Supreme Court did with conferring personhood upon corporations. The job of the Supreme Court is to interpret and, I presume, also defend… The Constitution. Not in the wildest dreams of the architects of the Constitution, would there ever have been a consideration like this. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were created to protect against this very sort of thing. What they did is High Treason and a capital crime. One can only hope justice comes to them with the full weight of the law or the mob, or by any means possible.
Basically what they did was to make it legal for political office and government policy to be for sale to the highest bidder. Truly it can be said that the crack in the Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out, as I like to say and The Constitution is just a piece of paper, as Bush the Pinhead, not to be confused with his dad, Bush the Assassin, said it is. He could have been more definitive and said, ‘toilet paper’ because that is what the nine vultures used it for. They wiped their ass with The Constitution. Then they set it on fire and it got them high like it was hash smoke. Certainly the god they worship is drawn to that kind of a smell. It is past being a matter of dispute. They are all Satanists and one can be a Satanist whether they be sworn into it or simply act like it; ‘by their works ye shall know them”
On the surface, for those with uncompromising perspective, it can only look as dark as night without hope of dawn. If our destiny and the destiny of our world is in the hands of the craven and avarice laden, jackals without conscience, who are at the helm and on the mast of this ever more rapidly sinking ship of state… then we are in deep trouble BUT… as The Bard (whom I never get tired of quoting because I deeply revere him) says; “There is a destiny that shapes our ends, rough hew them as we may.”
I look at the incomprehensible reach and majesty of the universe; the countless stars and measureless space. There is a mysterious symmetry to it all which no tongue or hand has ever been capable of expressing in its fullness and beauty. It is a cold and distant beauty. Whatever it is, it appears to be far away and even the lights of the stars seem to be frozen, each in their solitary space.
‘Mortui vivis docent’ should be written on the Tombstone of the American Empire, followed by ‘Nemo discit’. When I went to school you had to learn Latin. Now you don’t have to learn anything except for Politically Correct behavior and how to do the Thumb Tango through socio-sexual nitworking sites. Does anything say it more clearly than Taylor Twit being the most popular musical artist in the world. Here… she appears briefly in a video attempting to do some kind of Veronica Lake smolder (I broke out laughing when I saw the Heroin Model face gaming) and coming off as a blind mans Kim Basinger, with the heat gradient of a couple of menthol cigarettes glowing in the shadows of a downtown dance club, looking like those eyes that can eat you, just inside the forest line.. Still, I always figured, in the Kingdom of Love, Braille is the language of the truly welcome. I’m not talking about that kind of blind. I’m talking about the kind of blind that comes with deaf installed as part of the software bundle.
Here you find one of the primary reasons that the USA isin the shape it is in One can’t help but cringe at the comments about Putin. I beg that the reader will go there and do the right thing by speaking truth to ignorance. Without question this is the work of Hasbara and government agents. The way the comments are shaped says it all. This is one of the perks of possessing an objective consciousness, which is one of my prized possessions. Anyone can have it; all that is required is to not lie to yourself. People don’t realize how very, very important this is. You can have all kinds of other drawbacks… and I have a few and most of us do but… if you got that. If you got that, things will come right eventually. Without it, the veil is drawn within your mind, closing off the light and remains for so long as you continue without this critical feature.
Why do people lie to themselves? There are any number of reasons. Sometimes it is because a clearer awareness would compromise ones pursuit of self interest. Sometimes it is in order to stay harmonious with ones peers who lie to themselves in the pursuit of self interest or to remain harmonious with their peers. Sometimes it is out of fear of loss or censure because telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Sure… you could be quiet but… your thoughts will vibrate into your environment regardless. This path of embracing the obvious comes with responsibility. Of course, when you lie to yourself, eventually the obvious becomes less so and as you should know, one lie leads to another. It is kind of like web building. Are you a spider? Hopefully not. Ergo, you are not in the business of weaving confinements, you are in the business of pursuing liberation and… is it possible to accomplish liberation while lying to yourself? It most assuredly is not. Can you attain to liberation if you do not lie to yourself. It is an eventual certainty. You have to think of this speed and efficacy of your pursuit like a car. Depending on the horsepower, on that depends your speed and you can expand on that argument if you like.
Think of it! Think of what it must have taken to vote for corporate personhood to be a broad daylight thing. It was already around in an unspoken way, that ‘by indirection’, where things that are not legal ever, are made legal through making words undulate and slither like a pole dancer on Ecstasy. Materialism turns Lady Nature into a whore. This is the great crime of crimes because all the rest of it, all the depravity, perversity and sundry comes out of this. For those with objective awareness, it is important to remember (as if you could forget) that metaphysics is a place. It is simply that place that exists beyond the bandwidth of the senses. Basic physics has already proven this; if all those rays in the vibration spectrum don’t convince you. The reason I bring it up is that all kinds of things come out of that area; both good and bad. Everything you see here is the physical manifestation of a thought form, brought about by the creative energy of desire. A step further, let me say that all of us are extensions into the physical of sunlight. Everything out here is converted sunlight. We are frozen sunlight (hmmm… there goes my next song.) Creative thinkers with the necessary intelligence can figure this out and that will lead you to the reasoning behind The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. We come as frozen sunlight and it is possible to return to sunlight, should one be so inclined as to engage in unraveling the mystery of building a solar body. There are many things known to the ancients that are purposely obscured in these times of Material Darkness. The whole point of the material darkness is to steal your humanity and render you as nothing more than a meat puppet; not unlike the livestock bound for the slaughterhouse, with the same net result, one way or another.
This evening, Mr. Visible is watching Lonesome Dove; one of the great masterpieces of film making. It is poignant and heartbreakingly beautiful, which is something we should all aspire to become, in our own fashion, as someone who exceeds the expectations of this debauched and wounded world. Strive to become a vessel of light rather than a servant of the darkness; a conscious or unconscious servant. The end result is not pretty in either case. As Captain Call says; “best thing you can do about Death is to ride off from it.”
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