Stuff World and the Great Deception Machine

For me… freedom is a state of mind. If you aren’t free in your mind then you’re not free anywhere else because all motives for thought, speech and action comes out of the mind. There is another key and that is the possession of true discrimination. If you can’t discriminate between what liberates and what binds you, you will also not be free. A lot of people wind up in a serious tangle, caught like an animal in wire, because of inattentive and speedy pursuit of the freedom to do whatever they think they have a right to, regardless of the risks that more careful observation would reveal.

If you want the truth then you have to be able to adjust to it when you hear or see it. The truth does not adjust to you. The attempt to achieve that adjusting is how lies are created. This is why you should approach the main stream media with the conscious awareness that they are lying to you all the time. The biggest hurdle… even for those who know better is… how could something so big and prosperous, so ubiquitous; successful and routine in its operations be one great big lie machine? Looking right at it, it tricks us and… it wears us down.

We see well dressed men and women telling us what they want us to hear. They meet and speak with important people. They drive expensive cars and live well. How could they all be serial liars who behave like sidewalk whores for the money? How could it be that these people who went to all the good schools and get all the valued invites are pathological, lying sacks of shit with zero integrity and honor? It’s true though. They lied about 9/11. They lied about Afghanistan. They lied about Iraq and they are lying about Iran. When they don’t lie… they avoid or suppress. So it is that you have to approach the media with a certain perspective. Why are they telling ‘this lie’ now? You flat out assume it’s a lie because it’s all a lie, so the next step is… why?

Obama is opposed to releasing the torture graphics because he says the generals say it would harm the troops in the field and American interests abroad. This has to be a lie because all they do is lie; not just the media but the elected officials, the religious leaders and anyone with any position whatsoever in The Great Deception Machine. Why is deception necessary? It is necessary because due to profit or expediency someone is doing the wrong thing and breaking the very laws they were elected or appointed to enforce. It is also necessary in order to maintain control over what the public sees and how the public responds. Most of the time when they lie, which is all of the time, it is to protect the interests of the present group of criminals who replaced the last bunch of criminals and who will, at some point be replaced by another pack of criminals.

The newscasters lie. The commercials lie. The characters in all of the temporary fantasies are lies and the reality shows are present because reality contradicts everything that is happening, so a reality has to be fashioned to distract from Reality, which is reflected in the ‘nowhere near bottom’ economic free fall; the gratuitous wars abroad, all the missing money, the high rate of unemployment, the foreclosures, the closing stores, the panic on Fear Street which used to be called Main Street and which, curiously, is populated by an enormous mob of people who are laughing their way through the whole thing because the fear makes them do it.

I’m going to have to get a little metaphysical here and I hope if you are not metaphysically inclined that you will be able to translate this into your own schematic for understanding.

Lies are like foliage. They conceal what is behind it. Predators use it for camouflage and prey uses it for a place to hide. In certain cases they camouflage themselves. In our present civilization (snicker) we have all become chameleons. We are not criminals ourselves but the vast, incessant searching for criminal behavior; which can also be called eliminating the competition, or corralling, branding and controlling the consuming masses, forces us to pretend that we aren’t doing anything wrong as more and more new laws make that an impossibility so… we camouflage ourselves in normal colors although no one knows what normal is any more.

Wherever we came from we are now delivered into a world of property and ‘stuff’. Since some people have stuff and some people want stuff, stuff and property have to be protected. The people with the most stuff are the beneficiaries of what used to be public law enforcement and used to operate according to a court system that was autonomous until it was purchased by corporations… just like the prison system and so many other things like toll roads and bridges and who know what now.

There is a prevailing philosophy in the world of stuff and that is materialism. Materialism is the mother of all the lies being told because as even physicists will tell you, material isn’t real. It just appears to be real. Political correctness and fascism; indistinguishable from one another, also come out of materialism. In a philosophical and in a very real sense it all goes back to The Golden Calf. Whosoever is most involved in the operations of the material is also the power of the realm which… explains just about everything that is happening. Corporations are the Gods of the material realm and those who control them are the agents of the imprisoning deception that is making war on our humanity.

The Pope goes to The Holy Land (snicker) and ignores everything upon which his religion is based and has to make all kinds of comments about The Holocaust. The purpose of this is to take the attention off of a holocaust taking place in present time in that very place courtesy of the victims of the former. Now The Holy Land is not a holy land. It is The Cursed Land and that is obvious according to what takes place there. The fact is that everything is upside down, backwards and insane so, it stands to reason that so are most of the people everywhere who are forced to accept something other than what they seem unable to allow their eyes to see.

The brilliance, power and beauty of the internet, in terms of what it represents, is an awesome thing. It’s like some kind of magical world where the truth can circulate and breathe. It is the breeding ground of various revolutions that are moving through a virtual landscape and manifesting whole communities in a commonality of thought. The thing is, given the chance… most people can spot the truth, if they get a chance to see it. Most people are good people, even if… in many cases in this time, they are not as bright as they might have been because a cloak of lies like woven crows, incessantly covers over the light of their perceptions.

At this time you are either going along to get along or… you operate according to another modality. Going along to get along is basically submitting to the will of the imprisoning lies. It can’t end well and it hasn’t been. You will note the millions that worked all their life for an ease of existence in their twilight years. Now they find it is gone.

I want to personally thank all of you who have worked so hard to make the truth be heard and who have been unflagging in your efforts. I want to ask you to consider the strange miracle of the internet in our hour of greatest need and to consider that we may have unknown assistance at our side should we be engaged on behalf of humanity and… I can’t shake this feeling that the cavalry is on the way. I keep hearing the hoof beats. They increase and recede like the waves upon the shore. They seem to come from all directions. I can’t interpret it but for some reason, I feel better today and in recent days than I have in some time.

It’s the sort of thing where something happens that you haven’t heard about yet but its good news for you. I’d like to leave you with that for the moment and hope that… though all I did was imply a lot of things while I was walking through the foliage, you can make some sense out of my footprints and the landscape I was walking through when I made them. The Sun is shining pretty brightly here right now on all kinds of levels.

Everlasting Love

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.