The Apostle Paul and the Jewish Dark Art of Gatekeeping

One of the most disturbing phenomenons of Western life is that almost all aspects of society are dominated, in one form or another, by Jews. It would be naïve, bordering to stupidity, to believe that this is a mere coincidence, as the Satanic B’nai B’rith’s Anti-Defamation League and other arms of the Kosher Inquisition want us to think. I call it a Jewincidence, a ‘coincidence’ that is ‘good for the Jews’, like the Jewincidence that of the 3,000 victims of the attacks on the New York Twin Towers only a couple were Jews. You would think that’s impossible in a city where you can’t throw a stone without hitting a Jew. Honi soit qui mal y pense.[1]

For those of us who have at least started to develop a degree of blue pill resistance, there is obviously something foul in the State of Denmark. Some red pillers like myself go even as far as suspecting method behind above mentioned phenomenon. But don’t take my word for it. Read Professor Kevin Macdonald’s ground breaking analysis of this matter titled ‘Culture of Critique’. If your local retailer is too afraid of the Jews to sell it to you, you can order it via the Rebel Store.[2]

There is obviously an ‘evolutionary benefit’ for the Tribe that likes to see the wold from a ‘survival of the fittest’ point of view in dominating all aspects of human society, especially when it comes to political discourse. It means that other members of the same group won’t touch on any topic that could hurt one of the many sensitivities of their Jewish bedfellows, like the question whether the internationally guaranteed right of return applies to Palestinian refugees and their descendants, whether freedom of expression covers the right to freely investigate and discuss the true events of the Jewish Holocaust, or whether Jews were behind or actively involved in the false flag terrorist attacks on September 11.

This Jewish strategy of systematically suppressing discourse that is ‘bad for the Jews’ is not new. It goes back as far as the Roman days, if not further. The first Jewish gatekeeper I can think of is a man known to Christians as Apostle Paul or Saint Paul. He, and not Jesus, is the founder of Christianity. Paul of Tarsus, a Hellenistic Jew, was a leading henchman of the Jewish sect of the Pharisees, the predecessors of today’s rabbis. Before baptising as a sign that he has become a follower of Jesus, he was actively involved in the first systematic persecution of Christians organized by the Pharisees. To that stage, Jesus’ movement was nothing more than a revolt against the heretic ‘oral tradition’ of the Pharisees, which had put their teachings above the word of God as written down in the Bible or Torah.[3]

What Apostle Paul did in a school book case of Jewish gatekeeping is redirect the missionary effort of Jesus’ followers away from the Jews towards the disadvantaged of Roman society, that is women, soldiers and slaves. He promised them that they will go to heaven if they sheepishly obey their superiors, while their oppressors go to hell. How convenient for the latter. It didn’t take the Roman leadership very long to realise how useful Christianity was for keeping their sheeples quiet and make it the official state religion. The atypical persecution of Christians under Emperor Nero were not part of a systematic oppression of the fast growing Christian faith, but the result of the skillful lobbying by his Christian-hating wife, who Jewincidentally was a Jewress.

[1] French for ‘A scoundrel, who thinks badly by it’, or ‘Shame on him, who suspects illicit motivation’.
[3] I’m referring here to the Torah in the inner sense which doesn’t include the Talmud, the codification of the oral tradition which occured after the destruction of the Jerusalem temple.

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