Is News Coverage of Michael Brown Killing Being Deliberately Manipulated?

News Commentary — Dec 2, 2014

Call me a “conspiracy theorist” or just plain cynical but I can’t help wondering if many of the recent news stories aren’t being carefully selected by psy -ops advisors?
You might also call me paranoid but it does seem as if some stories are being given far greater prominence over and above others, equally newsworthy.
Case in point: Michael Brown is shot and killed in Ferguson, protests ensue and the media goes into overdrive with allegations of “racism”.
U.S. police have become renowned for being trigger-happy but that doesn’t explain this particular furore. So lets ignore the fact that America’s police have gunned down numerous other unarmed Americans recently.
Still from CCTV footage of Michael Brown threatening store owner shortly before he was shot. Click to enlarge

Still from CCTV footage of Michael Brown threatening store owner shortly before he was shot. Click to enlarge

Let’s also ignore video footage of Brown caught on CCTV, which clearly shows him robbing a nearby store. Or that hundreds of Black American youths have also been shot down in recent years. After all most of them were killed by other Blacks, so they don’t count.
What counts here and what the corporate almost seems to have been waiting for is a case like that of Michael Brown. Where a White cop shoots a Black and the whole episode can be portrayed as another example of violent police “racism”.
That is how the corporate Western media has been portraying the event but is that what really happened with Michael Brown?
The giveaway is how other stories DIRECTLY pertaining to Brown’s death have effectively been buried.
The first relates to reports of how Michael Brown’s mother and grandmother, together with supporters were fighting with weapons over merchandise commemorating Michael’s death.
His mother reportedly demanded of retailers selling commemorative merchandise: “You can’t sell this [expletive].”
Whereupon Brown’s grandmother asked whether, in effect, they were in breach of copyright.
After the confrontation during which violence ensued and police were called, goods and money to the value of over one thousand U.S. dollars went missing.
The whole incident took place only a few blocks from where Michael Brown had been shot and to cap the irony police were called; from the very same police department that days earlier had shot and killed Michael Brown.
Either way you get the picture. Within a matter of days of his killing and Michael Brown’s relatives are fighting with each other about money to be made from his death.
Thing is this story surfaced at the start of the furore over Michael Brown’s death but most major news outlets gave it perfunctory coverage or ignored it altogether. Just as most major news outlets have only accorded cursory attention to the numerous other reports of U.S. police gunning down innocent Americans.
In stark contrast to the coverage given to Michael Brown’s shooting, another Black youngster was shot dead in Ferguson and his death has been given minimal publicity. Although DeAndre Joshua is thought to have given testimony at the Michael Drown case and his killing is seen by some as being in retribution, his murder was given only the most cursory media coverage.
As opposed to the Michael Brown story where across the board the U.S. media responded with wall-to-wall coverage. Almost as if they had been waiting for a story with all the right ingredients to be milked for its racial — “White cop guns down unarmed Black teenager” — element.
Meanwhile numerous other reports of police shooting innocent Americans are routinely ignored or only given cursory coverage. Why? Is the corporate media presenting and manipulating news coverage in order to heighten racial friction?