Hitler was a Billionaire

henrymakow.com — Feb 1, 2018

Hitler pictured in LIFE Magazine. Click to enlarge

Hitler pictured in LIFE Magazine. Click to enlarge

Hitler projected the image of being selflessly devoted to the Nazi cause but by the mid-1930’s, he was one of the richest men in Europe. Because the West is now controlled by Communist Jews (Soros) and Freemasons, there is a nostalgia for Hitler. But if he were their genuine opponent, would he have enriched himself? That resembles a payoff received by a false opposition agent.
Like a plague of locusts, the Nazis looted every country their occupied. First and foremost, the Nazis were thieves. “Gold bullion, business assets, priceless art and personal property were only part of the plunder stolen to order. Antiques, rare manuscripts and books, religious artifacts, gems, statues, orcelain, tapestries, and even tens of thousands of bottles of vintage wine were just part of a hoard which…included 1/5 of the world’s art treasures…” – Paul Roland, Secret History of the Nazis, 1917.
Moreover, if Hitler were a genuine opponent of Communism, he would have made common cause with all people oppressed by Communism, instead of offering them an even worse fate. If he had, he might have won. But his mandate was to take a fall.

by Henry Makow. Ph.D. — (from Dec 2014)

When Hitler returned to Munich from one of his frequent visits to Berlin, he compared himself to Jesus throwing the money changers out of the temple.
“The traffic on the Kurfurstendamn, the luxury, the perversion and the Jewish materialism disgusted me so thoroughly that I was almost beside myself,” hetold his friends Putzi Hanfstaengl and Dietrich Eckart. “I nearly imagined myself to be Jesus Christ when he came to the temple and found it taken in by the money changers. I can easily imagine how he felt when he seized the whip and scourged them out.” (Stan Lauryssens, The Man Who Invented the Third Reich, p. 108)
While many today are willing to take Hitler at his own estimation, Hitler was a deft liar and hypocrite who indulged in the materialism he pretended to despise. When he returned from Berlin, or any trip abroad, his suitcases were stuffed with Swiss francs and US dollars, precious metals and jewelry– gifts from his many wealthy supporters, mainly entrepreneurs and aristocrats. (It is rumored that even Stalin funded him.)
In the early 1920’s, these gifts in foreign currency were worth many times more due to the exorbitant inflation. Hitler used this money to support his personal retinue and the Nazi Party, which he treated as a personal business enterprise.
But according to Wulf Schwartzwaller, (The Unknown Hitler: His Private Life and Fortune, 1989) he did not deny himself. He became a billionaire from a massive personal slush fund, ownership of the Nazi publishing monopoly, and from Mein Kampf.



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