The Siamese Twins of Satanism and Materialism, Dancing a Clockwork Orange

Smoking Mirrors — Nov 30, 2014

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There are some obvious trends that have accelerated over the last several decades. If they were a publicly traded company, then the investors would, by now, be rich indeed. Now that I think about it… they are all rich and getting richer, while headed dead south, simultaneously, because of the spiritual and moral degradation that accompanies their, all in, investments. What are these trends? They are, ‘lying’ and ‘stealing’. From top to bottom; the culture, the government and commerce are riddled with these two. There can be no argument about it. It is patently obvious. It’s right there with a progressively more vile, “so what” and “in your face.”
Trends like this flow from the top to the bottom in true, ‘trickle down’ fashion. It began to go nova with the arrival of Robber Baron Robot Boy; Ronald Wilson Reagan; Mr. 666. Then… when the Teflon President began to bio-degrade during his second term, one of the centuries greatest sidewinder vipers, George, ‘Johnny Walker’ Bush, came in and put the boot to the heads of the American public, Clockwork Orange style… “Oh it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh. The trombones crunched redgold under my bed, and behind my gulliver the trumpets three-wise silverflamed, and there by the door the timps rolling through my guts and out again crunched like candy thunder. Oh, it was wonder of wonders. And then, a bird of like rarest spun heavenmetal, or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now, came the violin solo above all the other strings, and those strings were like a cage of silk round my bed. Then flute and oboe bored, like worms of like platinum, into the thick thick toffee gold and silver. I was in such bliss, my brothers.”
“If he can only perform good or only perform evil, then he is a clockwork orange—meaning that he has the appearance of an organism lovely with colour and juice but is in fact only a clockwork toy to be wound up by God or the Devil.”
“A perverse nature can be stimulated by anything. Any book can be used as a pornographic instrument, even a great work of literature if the mind that so uses it is off-balance. I once found a small boy masturbating in the presence of the Victorian steel-engraving in a family Bible.”
I doubt it was Beethoven that Ronald McDonald was listening to with his implants. Chances are it was Ozzie Osbourne; ♫Chances are♫ cue Johnny Mathis. ♫Chances are, though I wear a mindless grin♫ Yes… it was during the Cocaine charged ‘80’s of Wall Street Insanity that all kinds of evil demons came out of the closet and stayed out of the closet and directly following his departure into Tabula Rasa Land, the Rap Template was stomped on to the airwaves as the enduring sound track. Though their final intentions with this style were yet to come into the full blown depravity of its end game, they had the intelligence to suit it up with some passionate writing and delivery at the inception. Then they initiated the long, slow slide into the gutter.
You don’t see what the final intention is when policies and laws go into action at the inception. You get only what you are told. It’s that old, A=B=C=D thing. Most people can’t see from A to C. Whatever is going on is what is going on and where it’s headed, well… the government wouldn’t lie would it? So it was with The Fairness Doctrine. He also went to work on the economy which led to this sort of thing. It is typical that people will blame certain things on those who made them the most obvious but… where it starts is where it starts.
It was during the time of Reagan that condos began to appear everywhere as the cancer of unbridled and unregulated growth exploded into a terminal stage 4 upon the body of the Americas. Rents went through the roof and the poor could no longer afford somewhere to live, so the homeless problem was created and this was made all the greater and more toxic by tossing all the mental patients out of the mental institutions and closing so many of them down, simply because some area of private industry wanted to steal whatever money was formerly being spent on housing these casualties of The Age of Materialism. His argument was that, with the wonders of pharmaceuticals, these unfortunates could simply take their medication in an Outpatient fashion and everything would be Hunky Dory. However, the glaring error here is that these former mental patients were mostly ALL dysfunctional and crazy and therefore, would not remember to take their medication, or not want to; just as Ronnie Boy would eventually not remember much of anything. So a permanent sub class, now measured in the millions came into being and presently haunt the sidewalks, parks and wherever and are composed of said mental patients, those fallen on hard times and an impressive number of shell shocked and abandoned veterans.
This was made sure and certain by the destruction of the manufacturing base, out sourcing, cheap labor from government sponsored illegal immigration, the destruction of the unions and a host of attendant causes.
If you have any amount of objective reasoning capacity, the ability to concentrate and focus, you have seen all these things happen in a step by step fashion. Otherwise you are a thunbfucking cellphone junkie; an earpod wearing, headbobbing, personal space creating zombie, a sensation addict, or a wild eyed, conniving, grasping, automaton in the pursuit of personal gain, arrived at by any means necessary. It’s what it is.
The first things that Materialism kills are, every one of the human virtues; those qualities that identify you as human. It’s fine if you are no longer a person because that right has been appropriated by corporations. In times of Materialism, the laws and rules are made by those with the biggest clout and the least amount of restraint and conscience. They’re made by those who don’t care one way or another how many people they kill or reduce to a Hellish existence.
So it is that today, stealing is the largest growth industry going and lying is the most pervasive policy for its continuance. The IRS loots individual bank accounts, The banks steal homes. GMO juggernauts swallow up family farms and poison the populace. Even when these monsters are reined in by legitimate public action, judges who are in the employ of these multinationals, rule against the public will, as just happened in Hawaii
Satanism and Materialism are Siamese Twins. The former is the philosophy that pervades and controls the environment of the latter. It’s what it is. The saving grace in this clusterfuck, of mutually assured destruction, is that evil destroys itself and those associated with it. As has been stated here many times, EVIL is like a giant ship on a powerful ocean. As it steams along, it churns the waters, until the force of the waters becomes greater that the ability of the ship to continue to navigate and finally the ship is pulled down, into a massive sucking whirlpool that EVIL created. Just prior to this happening, it becomes clear to those sailing on this behemoth that destruction is imminent. So it is that many will leap into the waters and set out for the promise of shore. For some… those who left early enough and those with access to lifeboats and flotation devices, this might work. For many others, they never counted on the powerful sucking draw of the ship as it sinks. You had better have some distance from the ship BEFORE it goes down, or you will not possibly be able to generate a swimming or rowing motion powerful enough to offset the pull of the ship, as it moves toward its certain and appointed end.
Human destiny and the force of Karma are peculiar things and highly individualized. There are many tales told in occult history about people suddenly whisked away from seemingly inescapable danger. Even in ordinary history, there are numerous tales of people emerging unscathed from circumstances of certain death. I have personally experienced things of this order more than once. As I have so often maintained, it comes down to what and who you rely on. Is it stronger than the other players and whatever environments you may find yourself in? What is the level of power and protection you are associated with? You’ll find out. We all will.
You know that there are hidden forces at work behind all of the events in history and that they are not the forces named in the media whether print or electronic. I had the good fortune, through owning a spiritual occult bookstore, to be able to read any number of obscure yet accurate accounts of history. I had the good fortune to study with a mystery school for decades and which transmitted to me an entirely different perspective on what has happened other than that reported by those who lie for a living, in order to support the others who steal for a living.
Maybe you get lucky and your hard work and creative thinking grant you a measure of success in your life. Most of the time, you have to make deals and compromise your integrity to make anything profitable happen in these days. You pretty much HAVE TO sell out. The ever increasing audience of the mindless applauds this. They only wish that such an opportunity would present itself to them. The Kardashian phenomenon is one of the hottest perversities going. Millions are fixated on it. Reality TV has a massive audience. Far, far more people eat bad food than do not. Far, far more people drink gallons of diet soda (and as a result are increasingly more and more in need of a diet) than do not. I could go on and on with this theme and I already have.
These blogs exist for one continuing reason and that is to give the evidence that you are not alone in what you see and hear and feel. Probably little that gets said here has not occurred to the reader at one time or another. We’re just here as a reminder. We are not here as any kind of example because that is a flawed template at this juncture. It won’t always be so but… for the purpose of demonstration and a comfortable familiarity; certain imperfections have been left in place. Hothouse your own awakening. Realize that to some degree, we are all still somewhat asleep. Fight your way to the surface of an electrifying awareness. Strive.
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Yesterday I received an email from an African America lady who was distressed at my comments about Michael Brown. I’m sorry it hit her as it did but my research indicates that Michael Brown was not entirely innocent of the fate that he encountered. I’m glad to change my mind if something other can be proven to me but there is too much evidence that he did engage in robbing that store and he did fight with the cop. This doesn’t excuse the ham handed and fascist behavior of the Israeli trained American police forces. Still… I can see when hysteria and rage are being whipped up and manufactured for the benefits of those seeking a more repressive and divisive national climate. For some reason, when I say something, people who disagree with me always want to thrown in all kinds of things I never mentioned and wasn’t taking about… or denying. I can only call them as I see them. No doubt, sometimes I am wrong and at best, not comprehensive. For this I apologize. I do my best within the parameters of my limitations.
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