ISIL is the new al-Qaeda

JB Campbell — November 30, 2014

PressTV asked JB Campbell for a comment on this story: US to carry out psych evaluations of Syria militants. This is about the US conducting psychological evaluations of Muslim militants before training them for battle. These evaluations try to find out if the Muslim candidates are sufficiently psychopathic as to slaughter innocent people without mercy on behalf of their Jewish paymasters in Tel Aviv.
JB Campbell’s comment:
ISIL or ISIS is just a new name for al-Qaeda, which was the CIA’s database of its mercenaries in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

According to Joel C. Rosenbburg: most of the top Jordanian officials I spoke with recently warned of an “explosion” of Radical Islamic extremism and foreign jihadist fighters coming out of Syria that could threaten other nations in the region. Were they secretly instructed by U.S. trainers and are they now in Iraq? Click to enlarge

ISIL’s only purpose is regime-change in a CIA-targeted country – in this case, Syria. People are catching on, so a new, mind-controlled ISIL is being created by the CIA liars. It will pretend to fight ISIL but the only plan is to overthrow Assad.
We learned earlier this year, for example, that the supposed leader of ISIL, al-Baghdadi, is or was an Israeli actor trained by both CIA and Mossad.

Eliott shimon

ISIL only attacks Muslims, not the US or Israel. The CIA obviously liked the results and wants to expand the idea with a squad of Manchurian Candidates, dependable mind-controlled killers – a new version of al-Qaeda. Hence, the psychological “evaluations” of their programmed Frankenstein monsters.
That’s what the story of Frankenstein was: a warning of how Jews create Golem monsters to work for them.
More evidence that the US and Israeli governments are run by Frankenstein psychopaths. Zionist psychopaths seeking young Arabs to overthrow a hated Arab leader who will not obey them. Let us hope that young people watching PressTV won’t be tricked into serving the Zionist psychopaths in their insane plot to set the Middle East on fire.

ISIL threatens to take its war to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait



There is only one thing to do: all psychopaths must be executed as quickly as possible, before they can kill more normal people. If a young person is approached by CIA or Mossad to join this psycho-squad, he should attack the one who approaches him.


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