Pope Said Freemasonry is Satanism

henrymakow.com — Nov 27, 2014

Leo XIII (Pope from 1878 to 1903)

Leo XIII (Pope from 1878 to 1903)

Until Freemasons took over the Papacy, many Catholic popes condemned the cult as a mortal threat.
In 1902, Pope Leo XIII said the aim of Freemasonry is “to exercise an occult overlordship upon society; [its] sole raison d’etre is to wage war against God and His church.”
Modern history and the New World Order are the product of Masonic propaganda and subterfuge.
Obama, the Bushes, Clinton are all Freemasons. Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Zionism are branches of Freemasonry.

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Originally Posted Feb 2, 2012

Addressing the Church April 20, 1884, Pope Leo XIII published his magnificent Encyclical “Humanum Genus.”
Taking up Saint Augustine’s analogy of the two cities which on earth constitute the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan, the Pontiff reviews the progress of Freemasonry and writes:
“It is now [public knowledge] that [Freemasons] undertake to ruin the Holy Church, so as to succeed, if it is possible, in the complete dispossession of Christian nations of all the gifts they owe to Our Savior Jesus Christ.
Obama and most of our political elite are thought to be Masons.

Obama and most of our political elite are thought to be Masons.

“As a result, in the space of a century and a half, the sect of the Freemasons has made incredible progress. Making use … of audacity and cunning, Masonry has invaded all the ranks of social hierarchy, and in the modern States it has begun to seize a power which is almost equivalent to Sovereignty.
Leo XIII refers frequently to the hypocrisy which is the basis of “White Freemasonry” and mentions its revolutionary aims which turns it into “Red Masonry.”
This Encyclical most strikingly reveals the triple Masonic character, namely:

1. Counter Morality

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