More Than Just “Aid”

In whatever forms it may take, “aid” can be used for more just than assistance and development. It is often used as a political and economic lever too. A reader sent in these two quotes, both highly relevant to what is happening in Africa. They reveal a political and economic reality that the mainstream media either plays down, or ignores completely. The first, from Dr. John Coleman, is dated around 1991 but is perhaps even more relevant now than when it was first made:

“Dependence upon U.S. foreign aid actually keeps foreign countries in servitude to the (U.S.) Council on Foreign Relations. The people of the recipient-countries receive very little of the money as it usually ends up in the pockets of government leaders who allow the natural raw-material assets of the country to be savagely stripped by the I.M.F. Mugabe of Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, is a good example of how raw-material assets, in this case high-grade chrome-ore, is controlled through foreign aid. LONRHO, the giant conglomerate run by Angus Ogilvie, an important member of the Committee of 300, on behalf of his cousin, Queen Elizabeth II, now has total control of this valuable resource while the people of the country sink ever deeper into poverty and misery, notwithstanding a hand-out of in excess of $300 million from the United States”.

Equally as pointed is this from Lyndon Larouche’s Executive Intelligence Review

“An examination of the holdings of Lonrho in combination with Rio Tinto Zinc and the Anglo-American Corp., all run by the same interests, reveals that the three British firms control most of the world’s vital strategic minerals outside of Russia, and control the African economy. Yet official economic statistics tell little of the real story, which is better shown by Lonrho control of most of the region’s revolutionary or separatist movements of both the left, right, and ethnic or tribal variety. British imperial policy has always been based on manipulating all ethnic and political factions, and states, against each other. “

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With thanks to Malcolm