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Introduction — Nov 23, 2014

The events in the following story relate to an unfolding scandal that happened nearly thirty years ago and is only coming to light now. Although this story should be the premier news item of the moment, as it reveals crimes and sordid goings on at the highest levels of political power in Britain, it’s not.
BBC NewsAs when it first surfaced over thirty years ago the powers that be are doing their utmost to bury this story. Then they used claims about threats to national security to prevent its exposure. Now, with the help of the BBC, they are using more subtle means.
I’ve just watched the BBC One’s ten pm news, arguably the corporation’s most important daily news broadcast. During the thirty minute air time there were segments on immigration, Lewis Hamilton’s Grand Prix win, the new Band Aid single storming to the top of the charts and the British women’s football team’s loss to Germany.
One might call it a liberal mix of politics, bread and circus’s. Or in more modern terms: politics, sports and entertainment news.
Notably absent was any mention of the Westminster paedophile story though.
One would think that a scandal that threatens to engulf the British establishment with allegations of child abuse and murder would be lead item. It wasn’t the first story however, it wasn’t even mentioned.
Admittedly it was reported that night on the BBC’s Online News. The following morning however, it had been relegated from the Online front page, as if the corporations news editors were making a concerted effort to minimise the story’s profile.
Jimmy Savile photographed with a younger Tony Blair. Click to enlarge

Jimmy Savile photographed with a younger Tony Blair. Click to enlarge

Not only has Jimmy Savile now been linked to the growing scandal, Tony Blair and current Foreign Secretary William Hague were both photographed with him when younger. In other words a former prime minister and a serving senior government minister may have been implicated in the scandal, if only peripherally in the cover-up.
So we have an emerging scandal that threatens the very foundations of the British establishment and the BBC, as its mouthpiece, is doing its utmost to play it down.
The only question that remains is that while the BBC may have sold out, will police currently involved in the renewed investigations do the same?
Terrible crimes have been committed and the perpetrators need to be exposed, all the more so as they’re at the highest levels of power. Given Jimmy Savile has now been named as linked to the unfolding scandal and as he was a BBC employee the corporation should be called to account too. Ed.

Former Scotland Yard detectives say young boys were murdered by Westminster paedophile ring

Dan Bloom & Tom Montague — Daily Mail Nov 23, 2014

Two retired detectives have reportedly backed claims that young boys were murdered by politicians at paedophile orgies.

The claims, said to be in new written statements handed to the Metropolitan Police, have emerged just a week after a witness called ‘Nick’ claimed he saw a Tory MP throttle a 12-year-old boy to death.

Scotland Yard has already confirmed it is examining a ‘possible homicide’ committed 30 years ago by a paedophile ring whose ranks included senior Establishment figures.

The revelation came as the Home Secretary Theresa May admitted the recent spate of child abuse allegations were only the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

It came as Scotland Yard chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe insisted police are taking claims ‘seriously’ and promised there will be no cover-up.

He said: ‘We have got 40 detectives looking into these relatively new claims. There are a series of claims over a relatively long period of time and not all of them are linked, although in the public’s imagination they may be.

‘We have now had more recently this discussion or these claims about murder and, of course, that makes it even more serious.’