The Role of Torture in the War on Terror

One of the riddles of the Neoscums’ war of terror is why they go to the trouble of torturing their alleged terror suspects. I mean, we all know that there is no such thing as a genuine anti-Western terrorist network that isn’t tightly controlled, both financially and operationally, by Western secret services such as Mossad, MI6 and the CIA. Those wealthy Saudi billionaires that bankroll the Western state terrorist networks are not motivated by a secret hate for the very people that made them rich. They are acting on their behalf. If they don’t have a CIA expense account to pay for their terrorism sponsorship, then they are compensated in different ways, such as U.S. tax payer funded multi-million construction orders for the Bin Laden family.

Of course not everyone in those false flag terrorist groups is aware that he is being used by the very people who he is supposedly fighting against. Why else would they risk their lives, if not walk into their certain death? However, the question remains why the Americans are bothering torturing them, if they don’t know anything the Americans don’t already know?! Why lock them up like wild beasts, without court and trial, for so many years, if they are on the Western payroll?

As always in such confusing situations we must ask ourselves who benefits. The Americans are obviously benefitting from their human rights abuses by making it easier to recruit more gullible volunteers for their various false flag terrorist networks. But they didn’t have problems in that respect before 9/11, so why taking all that flak from human rights advocates, risk criminal charges, and last but not least the damage to the image of America as the mother of democracy and human rights?

The real benefit must be something else, and it must be so substantial that it outweighs all the domestic and international fallout. The claim of the Bush administration that they were trying to save American lifes is obviously bogus. The actual reason is to create the perception amongst Americans that their government was trying to protect them. Those Guantanamo Bay cages, those water-boarding demonstrations and those obscene Abu Graib pictures are carefully crafted psy ops that fulfill only one purpose: To support the myth that the American government is fighting a bitter war against genuine terrorists.