Word From a Reader

I have worked in an Essex old folks home, for 17 years, I am not political in any way, and I don’t follow government conspiracies, but I was told something so sinister I have to report it.

One of the old men approaching the end of his life has been rambling as many do and he told me he lived in thirties Germany, although a Jew, he was not aligned to the Jewish policies, and worked as a tailor for the Werhmacht altering uniforms for those who lost limbs.

He said that the Jewish underground warned the highly respected German/American hero aviator Charles Lindberg many times to stop telling the U S to keep out of the war, so the Jews took his baby and used it in a ritual killing, and the innocent Bruno Hauptman was hanged for the crime.

He told me that the Rothschild syndicate owned half of Austria, and when Hitler drove in to free the people from Jewish control, he was seen as a liberating hero.Jewish propaganda made him out to be a madman and a physically deformed homosexual.

He told me his own house and tailors shop was among those bombed, and the next night bombed again and then bombed during the daytime, he said nothing was left standing for many blocks, yet still the bombers came and bombed.

As the war ended the Jewish underground approached him as a “clean Jew”, as they were called, and offered him work at a concentration camp, now housing German soldiers.

He worked in the bakery making loaves of bread, and put massive doses of poison into the bread, this was done in all the camps at the same time, the death toll was hushed up and all became ill, some Germans never fully recovered.

He was given safe passage to England where he lived in Ilford, Essex until entering the old peoples home here.

If I understand what he says, he told me that Russia and the Jews brought England to fight Germany for them, and it was not their war, he went on to say the UK entertainments industry was ruled by the Jewish brothers, Lew Grade, Leslie Grade and Bernard Delfont, all involved with the Jewish underground and all anti-British.

This man has old crumpled photos and he tells the same story every few days, and I believe when he says they decided what British people saw.

Thank you:

Name witheld