NWO: Martial Law in the Soul

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — henrymakow.com Nov 21, 2014

Russian-Expert-Predicts-Obama-Will-Declare-Martial-Law-in-America-by-End-of-20121When we think of the “New World Order,” we imagine loss of freedom, martial law and dictatorship. This focus distracts us from the true spiritual character of the NWO.
The enemy is already within the gates. We don’t need to fear solders and guns as much as our own animal nature, our greed, vanity and lust, which the NWO does everything to foster.
Are we free? If not, what stands in our way, guns or our incessant desires?
The NWO uses our desires to enslave us. Our penury is spiritual. We are beggars always looking for the next handout, addicts craving the next hit. This is satanic possession.
“We aspire to corrupt in order to govern,” said Giuseppe Mazzini. The author of the Protocols of Zion noted with satisfaction that the mood in the big cities was “cold and forlorn.”
Humanity is being inducted into a satanic cult. The front lines of this war are not soldiers or police, but advertising, television, movies, music, pornography, everything that degrades us and wastes our time. Of course, there are some movies, TV and music that are exceptions, but they are becoming rarer.
Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism.) But this is both an economic and spiritual servitude. God has been stolen from us, and we must worship money and things, with sex at a close second.
Christmas, which once celebrated the God of Love, has become a pagan orgy of mass consumption. Its Christian origin and meaning have been erased by our masters.
I have a wealthy friend who drives a battered old car and lives in an apartment. I asked him why he continues to chase the buck. He replied: “It’s a way of keeping score. What else am I going to do?”
Is he free? Why is it so many rich people are so stingy? Because they feel poor.
I don’t fear dictatorship or martial law. Too hard to maintain. It is far easier to let people enslave themselves.


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