ISIS: The Unstoppable Juggernaut

Introduction — Nov 20, 2014

militants-derna-photographed-shortly-after-pledging-allegiance-isis-reutersThe overthrow of Libyan strongman Colonel Ghadaffi has brought more than internecine strife to the North African state. It has also opened the way for Islamic State militants to move in.
Nor should we be surprised, for Illuminati agents in the U.S. and the West have been secretly working hard to promote ISIS across the region.
This was revealed in reports that U.S. military personnel helped train Islamic militants at secret camps in Jordan in 2012. These reports were later confirmed by Reuters the following year. In addition Western aligned Saudi Arabia and Qatar have also helped finance ISIS and reportedly even paid its fighters monthly salaries.
It’s little wonder therefore that ISIS has now secured a foothold Ghadaffi’s former stronghold. As they say, nature abhors a vacuum and the U.S. and its allies obligingly created one with the overthrow of the Libyan dictator. So after having been trained and financed by the U.S. and its allies it was only a matter of time before ISIS moved in to exploit that vacuum.
US News ignores these facts and reports that Islamic State’s move into Libya is only the “beginning for the true dangers that will soon unfold”. Even as it pointedly omits to mention that the U.S. and its NATO allies helped bring this about in the first place.
So as the Illuminati owned and controlled corporate media presents ISIS as an “unstoppable juggernaut”, we can conclude that further advances for the militants are on the cards. The media, generally, wouldn’t be implying as much if it wasn’t already planned.
It’s part of the elite’s long term plan and with Libya’s historic links to Europe — from Hannibal to today’s “refugees” and “asylum seekers” — don’t be surprised if the next step for this “Unstoppable Juggernaut” takes it right into the very heart of Europe. Exactly as leading Freemason and Satanist General Albert Pike predicted over 150 years ago. Ed.

ISIS: The Unstoppable Juggernaut

Paul D. Shinkman — US News and World Report Nov 20, 2014

The Islamic State group and its leadership have become masters of grabbing attention. This week alone, the extremist network, also known as ISIS or ISIL, reportedly seized control of a coastal town in Libya, and released a grisly video of its fighters brandishing the severed head of a former Army Ranger turned aid worker Peter Kassig, along with those of dozens of captured Kurdish fighters.

Western news consumers are not the only ones who pay attention to these stories, nor are they the most important recipients of their intended lesson: The Islamic State group is here to stay and it’s not wasting time like al-Qaida did before.

“The message they’re trying to convey is they are brutal to their enemies, and they are righteous in their cause,” says Karl Kaltenthaler, an expert on the rise of Islamic extremism and professor at the University of Akron. “If you mess with them, you’re going to pay a high price, and they will stop at nothing to achieve the triumph of their vision for Islam.”

Al-Qaida’s original plan under founding leader Osama bin Laden involved knocking the U.S. and Western influence out of predominantly Muslim countries, collapsing those states, creating Islamic alternatives and ultimately establishing a so-called hard-liner caliphate. The Islamic State group has thrown that plan out the window, and has achieved on the ground what al-Qaida could only dream of a decade or more ago.

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