Those Pigs in Kevlar Blankets at the Molotov Cocktail Lounge

Smoking Mirrors — Nov 19, 2014

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Between the Common Whore Curriculum; The, “I Can walk around Naked if I want to but you can’t talk to or look at me Movement.”  and the, “It’s in the Spirit of Necessary and Useful Knowledge; Pederast Pedophiles for Plato in the Athenaeum”. there is no question that the 2% of whatever it is 2% of, has taken control of whole segments of the culture and is demanding that 98% of whatever else is left of whatever that is, must submit to the global agenda of the forces of darkness; basically, bend over and squeal like a pig. It’s for your own good.
Should a day go by without some shining example of the good work being done by those who work for charitable organizations? I guess not. Well… Let’s not leave the festering sexual swamp of contemporary dysfunction yet; this Cream of Entropy Soup. Here’s a lovely expose on something or other. What is it? Is it an animal, vegetable or mineral? This kind of thing is all part of the war against everybody, being waged by Politically Correct Lego Monsters from The Black Lagoon. It stands to reason if there is a monster double feature playing on The Truman Show screens hanging everywhere around you and also inside your mind that this is the logical outcome of so many of the rest of the things being mentioned here except that this happened before they did? Did it? Time is dancing in skin tight lederhosen with no fabric in the back, down in The Inferno Room of a Berlin Kink Circus, or is that Rent Boy Square, Piccadilly? .
All these things happened and are happening and obviously… much worse is happening. The moment you see something like this you know it was put on by those pretending to be the victims of it. As the heat from this kind of thing, which they were the architects of, ratchets up with every passing day and their gratuitous genocide against The Palestinians, creates more and more global outrage well then… then? Then they have to work that victim thing. So… now… on Ebay, you can find lampshades made out of human soap that melt in all kinds of psychedelic colors when you turn the lamp on. You can only use the lampshade once or twice though… not like the myth itself which you can use over and over and over again. Who says, “neffer again!!”? Of course ‘again’. Yes!!! Again and again and again!
The world is officially stark raving nuts. It might not have been entirely so yesterday, or last week, or last month but …Today. Today it is officially stark raving nuts. Who are these people; legitimizing false rape claims, strangling 12 year old boys in a sexual frenzy, teaching children about the joys of anal sex and whatever else is going on with the usual murder and mayhem? No wonder everyone is losing their minds, those who had minds to lose.
I’m sitting here… wondering… what do I say next? Does it matter? The slithering snakes and Satanists off camera, are working The Ferguson Caper into a lather. It’s not lather. It’s a dirty, toxic, PCB laced foam; something sucked up out of a polluted California aquifer and filtered through the shredded bodies of serial killer victims, harvested out of the ice plants on the freeway median, headed up 101 toward Fresno; the redneck, meth-head capital of the west (or is that Bakersfield?)… just a short drive from Sacramento, which is, officially the serial killer capital of the US and not coincidentally the capital of Kalifornia; all along the way there is a long stretch of industrial centers with line after line, rank after rank, of refrigerated containers that are the final destination of all those missing runaways, kidnapped school kids and soccer moms… all quiet and horizontal now, laid out in the blue and crackling electrical frost. Occasionally some unknown force stirs the air and makes the pink foam balls hanging from the backs of their white tennis shoes tremble; simply tremble in the silent wind.
What was that psychotic abortion of tortured text that just went by in the last paragraph? I don’t know. We’ve run out of useful and informative things to say. How can we compete with all the rest of what’s been linked here today?
Today I saw a series of news articles, most of them from the Zionist press. Don’t they also own Tepco? Doesn’t the same group of Zionist Bankers, Hard Core Satanists and Corporate Crocodiles own pretty much everything? Yeah… they do. They were talking about the 400 tons of radioactive water being dumped into the Pacific daily from The Fukushima Clusterfuck. This flows directly over to Alaska, parts of Canada and California and eventually, they say, can backflow over to Hawaii. Ocean currents are unpredictable, unless you have an argument you want to make that involves a lot of money and then you can predict anything; doesn’t matter if it is accurate or true. Those are incidental to the needs of bankers and their bitches.
This seems to be the best possible time to have a good supply of money. There are places you can go all over the world and hide out. You can hire or pay for just about anything. On the surface that seems like a good position to be in because that massive, ubiquitous, smoking mountain of combustible shit, is about to burst into flames all over the world. Any day now, Ferguson, Missouri is going incandescent. Any day it is going to be flambe. Carnage is going to be the centerpiece of the buffet table; raw, still living and screaming meat, is going to be crying for help, out of a hundred different sucking chest wounds. Pigs in Kevlar blankets are serving the petrified clientele in the Molotov Cocktail Lounge. The people who killed all those Russians have turned their demonic gaze upon The Americas and death is about to come in on creeping, feral cat footsteps, with the corpse of Carl Sandburg being dragged behind a runaway Mardi Gras float. ♫Katrina, Katrina… where you been so long♫? (cue Taj Mahal)
Thank god I went mad a long time ago because… surely these things would drive me mad now. ♫Ferguson, oh Ferguson♫ (to the tune of Glen Campbell’s “Galveston”) Ferguson is on lock and load. The government is busing in both the agitators and the victims. Al Sharpton is studying the script given to him by his FBI handlers. He’s filled his mouth with pebbles like Demosthenes and is yelling into the mirror but there is no reflection. The media is lining up the money shots. I’m guessing the documentary coming out about it will be named, “Blood and Semen in the Age of Cellphone Sex.
They poisoned 3 billion gallons of water in drought parched California!!! Aren’t the falling oil prices supposed to destroy the Fracking Industry or is it the other way around? Right about now, someone is supposed to howl, “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”? Nobody’s howling though. Nobody’s saying anything… but there are thunderheads of ominous threat, forming all over the place. The center cannot hold; there is no center. The US is buried under snowdrifts. The temperatures, due to global warming, are breaking records for being really damn cold. People are dying in droves from exposure and all sorts of reasons. Mostly they are dying because of this; this is why people are dying! We’re on the same latitude as Philly over here and its been quite warm; not nearly cold enough to snow.
People… people… I don’t know what to say. Any moment now a billion dominoes are going to fall in ten thousand different directions. It’s a thing of beauty, undulating like Scolopendra subspinipes centipedes with a bad case of Montezuma’s Revenge. The venom is seriously toxic like the ones in south-east Asia. The pain of a bite is so bad that the afflicted have been known to plunge their hands into boiling water to escape the pain; if that makes any sense. The point is that those dominoes are just as deadly and just as painful but… no need to take my word for it; just stick around; definitely stock up on baking soda and apple cider vinegar; some home remedies are really good to know about and a little papain wouldn’t hurt.
I would prefer not to end on that note. Surely there is a ray of sunlight that is soon to break through the blanketing sameness of gray that blots out the sun and moon. I’m guessing that is all metaphorical and looks different to each person; being that it is a projection of their inner being. Yeah… in the end they say your world is what you make it. So… I’d better get busy… unless… unless that is the problem to begin with and in that case, perhaps I will just stand very still.
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