“Russia’s Rebirth as a Great Civilization is Inevitable”

henrymakow.com — Nov 18, 2014

VKVladislav Krasnov, 77, is a Russian professor who has worked at many US universities and think tanks, and written for the Illuminati (CFR) Foreign Affairs. His opposition to “Western (i.e. Zionist) unilateralism” indicates that resurgent Russian nationalism is very much part of the Illuminati dialectic. Essentially we see two Illuminati factions disagreeing about the shape of the world, a disagreement which may be sincere but certainly useful in terms of promoting tension and defence spending. Here is Krasnov’s latest newsletter from his “Russia-US Goodwill Association.”

By Vladislav Krasnov

Dear friends of the Russia & America Good Will Association and antiwar colleagues!
Is the mystery of the Malaysian airliner tragedy finally solved? So says the Russian engineer Ivan Andrievsky who claims he received email from an anonymous American who had access to satellite pictures showing the shooting of the plane by a Ukrainian air force jet. You may choose from two reports, it’s your call:
Oriental Review
THE elections in Ukraine on October 26, in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics on November 2 and the mid-term election in the USA on November 4 went as expected. The only unexpected thing was the voter participation: about 75% in the war-torn fledgling republics, about 50% in the post-coup Ukraine and 36.6% in the USA. The impression is that the more US tries to “export democracy” to Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Russia, the less is left for local consumption. Even the unflappable Washington Post is exasperated at the lowest turnout since WWII
An unprejudiced observer can see that the further West you travel, the lower is the share of those who vote. It does not bode well for Western democracies.


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