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Introduction — Nov 17, 2014

Peter Kassig, the latest Western hostage allegedly beheaded by militants. Click to enlarge

Peter Kassig, the latest Western hostage allegedly beheaded by militants. Click to enlarge

As with many of the earlier “beheading” videos questions are now being raised about the authenticity of Peter Kassig’s video beheading.
I have not seen the video yet but two clear points emerge in the following report, both of which indicate that the “beheading” may have been staged.
First and foremost, Peter Kassig’s body DOES NOT appear on video after his alleged murder.
Secondly, and perhaps more significantly, as with many of the previous “beheading” videos the actual moment of decapitation IS NOT SHOWN.
Unlike the earlier beheading videos, which displayed little blood and consequently raised serious questions about the authenticity of the actual decapitations, this latest video is bloodier. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s authentic of course, just that the video makers are learning from previous oversights.
In other words this could be just as easily be a staged psyop.
However, it’s not the video that raises questions. It’s Peter Kassig’s background and history; both of which appear to have been scripted to elicit maximum sympathy from the public. Followed by indignation in the event and outrage over the manner of his death.
For Peter Kassig was a former Special Forces soldier who had served with the U.S. Rangers in Iraq during the allied occupation, converted to Islam and then devoted himself to charity work!!!
It’s almost too good to be true and begs the question: was Kassig still serving as a member of Special Forces, albeit in a covert capacity, when he was taken hostage?
We live in a phase of history where deception is king. “Islamic militants” commit atrocities in the name of Mohammad that the Prophet himself would condemn outright.
Covertly funded and supplied by Western interest groups, Islamic militants wage war against the “infidel” even as they further the interests of their financial backers.
Now a former Special Forces soldier who fought in Iraq is killed while doing charity work by Islamic militants. As a former Special Forces soldier — albeit fighting long ago in a country now long forgotten, Rhodesia — I just don’t buy this.
Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that Peter Kassig wasn’t murdered. It does mean however, that we shouldn’t take claims that he was beheaded at face value.
Politicians may make a lot of noise about the horror of the “beheading” but they may simply be trying to milk the event for political profit. Knowing full well that Kassig wasn’t killed in the manner claimed and maybe wasn’t killed at all. Ed.

Syrian activists claim Peter Kassig died in bombing raid days before Jihadi John paraded his severed head

Sharon Churcher in New, John Hall in London — Mail Online Nov 17, 2014

Peter Kassig’s execution may have been faked by Jihadi John after the US hostage was killed in an US-led airstrike, according to extraordinary claims from the leader of a Syrian underground group.

Speaking over Skype from a hiding place near the Turkish border, the head of the anti-ISIS resistance group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently claimed there are reports that Mr Kassig died on November 5, when coalition fighter planes and drones pounded Tel-Abyad in northern Syria.

The extraordinary allegation could not be independently verified.

The claims come among increased speculation over why Mr Kassig’s full body was not shown in the video. Unlike ISIS’ previous sickening filmed murders, he did not speak directly to camera before being killed and his body was not shown after the murder.

U.S. sources have suggested that Mr Kassig could have been killed before the video was shot because he did not cooperate with the jihadists, either refusing to give a final speech on camera or possibly even fighting back while the murder was taking place.

American forces have previously attempted a daring rescue of U.S. hostages and President Obama has said that he would make all efforts to rescue U.S. citizens if their location could be identified.

Western planes have carried out a series of raids on the Isis weapons stockpile and refinery where Peter Kassig is claimed to have been hit but if there had been any intelligence suggesting where he was being held such strikes would have been highly unlikely to be authorized.

The campaign group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently also claimed to have pinpointed the exact location used by ISIS in their latest sickening video – which also showed a group of Syrian soldiers being brutally murdered by a large number of unmasked militants.

The resistance group produced a map to show the location in the northern suburbs of the small but highly symbolic Syrian town of Dabiq, north of Aleppo. The terror group’s de facto capital is Raqqa, where previous filmed murders featuring the militant known as ‘Jihadi John’ are understood to have been filmed.

But their most controversial allegation was that Mr Kassig could have been killed by accident in an American airstrike in Tel-Abyad. US Central Defence Command have previously announced that an onslaught destroyed an ISIS weapons stockpile in the town.

The resistance leader, a 22 year old medical student who uses the nom de guerre Abu Ibrahim Raqqawi, said in an interview: ‘I think ISIS didn’t execute Peter. An ISIS soldier told me this morning that Peter died in an airstrike on 5th November in Tel-Abyad and that is why they didn’t show a video of the execution.

‘The soldier was one of the first who arrived on the scene to secure it after an airstrike hit the Islamic State court building in Tel-Abyad. He said there was immediate high security and nobody was permitted entry to the building, not even ISIS fighters. Then two bodies were taken out of the building and put into a speeding car.’

Mr Raqqawi claims that the soldier said one of the bodies was that of Mr Kassig.

The British thug known as Jihadi John allegedly then used the remains to stage the barbaric video: ‘I think that is why there is a lot of blood on the face and no body — just a head,’ said Mr Raqqawi.

He did not suggest that the US knew Peter Kassig was being held at the Isis target – instead hinting that if true it would simply be a terrible accident.

U.S. Central Command was not immediately available for comments, but a message on its website reads: ‘U.S. and partner nation military forces continued to attack ISIL terrorists in Syria November 5-7 using fighter, bomber and remotely piloted aircraft to conduct eight airstrikes….. One airstrike near Tall Abyad destroyed an ISIL weapons stockpile.’ MailOnline has requested a comment from the Pentagon.

ISIL is an alternative acronym for ISIS commonly used by the United States military.

Previous claims by the Raqqa group have been supported by British intelligence sources.