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News Brief — Nov 17, 2014

Iraqi intelligence sources disclosed that US military planes have been supplying Islamic militants with weapons and foodstuff under the guise of air raids on militants’ positions.
The Iraqi forces have found out that the US aircraft usually airdrop arms and food cargoes for ISIL militants who collect them on the ground, Fars News Agency quoted Iraqi army’s intelligence officers as saying.
“The Iraqi intelligence sources reiterated that the US military planes have airdropped several aid cargoes for ISIL terrorists to help them resist the siege laid by the Iraqi army, security and popular forces,” added the report.
US weapons drop falls into the hands of Isis. click to enlarge

US weapons drop falls into the hands of Isis. click to enlarge

The Pentagon has admitted that U.S. planes air dropped supplies which fell into the hands Islamic militants, but blamed a sudden change in the wind for blowing the supplies away from the intended drop zone.
Zionist media outlet SITE, which specialises in disseminating disinformation, carried video of Islamic militants with the U.S. weapons drop after a sudden change in the wind blew it off course. In other words it was an unintended accident, allegedly.
However, last Saturday Iraqi security sources disclosed that the Islamic militants are using the state-of-the-art weapons which are only manufactured by the US and which fires bullets costing thousands of dollars.
“What is important is that the US sends these weapons to only those that cooperate with the Pentagon and this indicates that the US plays a role in arming the ISIL,” an Iraqi security source told FNA.
The source noted that the most important advantage of the US-made weapons used by the ISIL is that “these bullets pierce armoured vehicles and kill the people inside the vehicle”.
He said each of such bullets is worth $2,000, and added, “These weapons have killed many Iraqi military and volunteer forces so far.”
The crisis in Iraq escalated after the ISIL militants took control of Mosul in a lightning advance on June 10, which was followed by the fall of Tikrit, located 140 kilometers (87 miles) Northwest of the capital, Baghdad.
Soldiers of the Iraqi army, popular forces and Kurdish Pishmarga troops have been engaged in heavy fighting with the militants on different fronts and have so far been able to push them back in several areas.