Turning 65: Reflections on Mortality

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — henrymakow.com Nov 16, 2014

reflections on mortality1. My body turned 65 on Wednesday. When we are young, mortality is a nebulous concept. But as the end comes into view, and we see people our age dying, mortality looms large in our thoughts. We cannot appreciate the meaning of life without considering its finite character.
2. My biggest regret in life is not discovering sooner that society is structured like a satanic cult. The rank and file do not know the real agenda: a world Luciferian police state, satanic possession. (See “Humanity is Satanically Possessed.”) I regret that for most of my life, I sought wisdom and direction where none can be found, from society’s oracles (“art”, mass media and education) instead of trusting my own intuition and reason.
3. The biggest deception was the programming of men to think romantic love and sex have a mystical value, (i.e. an occult surrogate religion.) Men need to love God not women. The shibboleth that men need to satisfy a woman “to become a man” or “be completed” resulted in a tremendous waste of energy. I pursued women I didn’t even like. No real man ever gives any women power of approval.

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