Torture; the other Red Meat

Wiping out humanity is not something that happens because the government is playing God at the behest of their corporate masters. It isn’t something that happens because science has become so perverted that it’s no longer about discovering the truth in combinations and applications for the benefit of us all but rather about how to put an artificial shine on a surgically, reconstructed face; a face concealing an empty, abandoned room. Humanity gets wiped out by removing what makes us human from our behavior and intentions so that we spend all our time in service to our appetites at the expense of our fellows.

If there is any one thing that shows that this former senator with two years of government experience is an empty suit… if there is any one thing that shows this unknown product spokesman is no different than the guys giving away drink coupons outside a strip club it is the question of torture; the other red meat.

I’m going to say it simply and you can do what you want with it. This morning I had the dubious pleasure of reading some other empty suits jeering at a fellow who implied there was something up about Air Force One making some kind of maneuver over New York City. One of them quickly segued into a belittling harangue about 9/11 conspiracy people who couldn’t possibly know what he knows because, get this; he was in New York City when it happened, so he’s an expert. So… let me state it one more time, 9/11 was an Inside Job and only those too stupid to tell the difference between a hole in their body and a hole in the ground or… personally involved in the attacks… could possibly still believe the official story.

There’s a kind of irony in the fact that the former, talk out of this particular hole in their body and the substance of their words is the very substance known to proceed out of that very same hole. They might well know that 9/11 was an Inside Job but they don’t want to know because the obvious conclusion of ‘who’ was behind the 9/11 attacks threatens the pursuit of their appetites and threatens their position among the other chimps in the zoo, as it threatens their ability to spoon feed their children with preposterous lies in the interest of protecting them from dangers that only the truth could deliver them from. Don’t look for any sense in this because there isn’t any and they will get what everyone gets who thinks integrity and courage can be acquired by adding magic powder to a glass of water. It’s just Kool-Aid and they’re all headed to Jonestown sooner or later.

Who did 9/11 is an important feature in what I want to talk about today because it’s the main point missing in all the points being made about torture. We’re hearing all kinds of arguments from the usual crew of Nimrods who all want to tie a yellow ribbon around Tony Orlando’s dick every time America destroys some extended family at a wedding in some foreign country and the brave soldiers, who were only following orders, come marching home to brass bands and confetti and… a job at the Smithfield packing plant along with a stool at the neighborhood bar where they can talk about their glory days.

This group of complicit criminals tells us torture is a necessary evil. Another group of complicit criminals, which includes Slick in the White House, wants to put it behind us and move on. It’s as if whatever happened may or may not have been wrong but… it’s in the past now so just get over it. We’ve got important things to do to get the country back on track and this will just be divisive and mean-spirited. Somehow they think they can get the country on the right track by ignoring the fact that the country was on the wrong track… and has been… for a long, long time. They think that every time it turns out that the country was involved in something that would make the Khmer Rouge blush that all you have to do is just move on because surely that won’t happen again.

The larger majority of the American people actually want some sunlight on this matter and… the truth is… letting the truth come out will actually bring the country together because the country was never behind this shit in the first place but… why confuse reality with expediency? Let’s just move on. Your face isn’t the only thing with two cheeks and that may be why so many people have forgotten which end is up.

Here’s the real deal, people; 9/11 was accomplished by a joint operation which included the CIA, the Israeli Mossad and other individuals from various intelligence services, corporations and sundry. For anyone who actually takes the trouble to study what preceded the event; what happened on that day and what has followed since, the facts and circumstantial evidence are irrefutable. And… here’s the point about torture. Here’s what makes the torture under discussion an even more hideous crime than it would have been in any case. The people being tortured had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. In many cases, the people being tortured were just rounded up by warlords and sold for the money that was offered. In many cases, the people being tortured were people who objected to the presence of foreign invaders who made war on their country based on false intel dummied up by the same people who did 9/11.

Here’s an even more dreadful irony. The people who ordered the torture are the only people that had the information which they were allegedly seeking to extract from the people under torture. They were torturing people for information they could not possibly possess while already possessing the information because… they were the ones who did the deed in the first place. It gets worse. This whole rats nest was fabricated in order to provide justification for mass murder in Lebanon; genocide in Palestine, resource theft in Iraq and drug dealing out of Afghanistan. That’s how it is. You don’t like it? That’s how it is.

This is what’s wrong with the torture issue so let’s not hear any more about the usual arguments from people who have no right to call themselves human beings.

Your Howdy Doody president wants us all to move on because he knows damn well what happened and if he doesn’t then he’s even stupider that GWB because… he knew what happened. How cold and evil do you have to be to walk through your days believing the same convenient lies? How do you do it? How do you ignore what is happening in Palestine today? How can you rationalize women and children being bulldozed out of their homes; used for target practice, assaulted with banned weapons, locked in a ghetto where food and medical supplies are not allowed entry? What makes it possible for gunboats to fire on innocent fishermen and no one says anything? Goddamn your eyes… you evil swine who do this; who tolerate it, who justify it, who ignore it, who laugh about it. Your day is going to come. Your day is going to come.

Let’s not wallow in this odious hypocrisy any longer. Let’s stop nodding our heads while sold out whores, wriggle their excited asses on their special chairs as they discuss whether to seek the truth; to charge, to investigate, to prosecute, mass murdering war criminals about whose guilt there can be no doubt. They tortured people based on a horrible, criminal act that THEY COMMITTED. They went ahead and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Today, one group of these psychopaths are brutalizing an indigenous people whose land they flat out stole and whom they torment and have tormented for more than sixty years.

We need to know no more about President Obama than what has been said here. This country tried and executed people for far less than these nasty little weasels engaged in. If you commit a crime then you are a criminal and if you conceal… or whitewash… or evade your responsibilities in any office where you have been placed to deal with crimes then… you are also a criminal. That is how it is and that is how it is. You don’t like it? That’s how it is.

9/11 Was an Inside Job

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