Rebecca Camber, Stephen Wright — Daily Mail Nov 14, 2014

The exclusive Westminster estate houses 1250 flats and is a short walk from Paliament. Click to enlarge

The exclusive Westminster estate houses 1250 flats and is a short walk from Paliament. Click to enlarge

Police probing an alleged VIP paedophile ring are examining its links to a number of suspected murders.

Scotland Yard announced yesterday it is investigating a ‘possible homicide’ more than 30 years ago centring on a block of luxury flats long popular with MPs.

The explosive allegation could even extend to a series of murders related to child sex abuse ‘parties’ involving senior politicians, spy chiefs and prominent military and legal figures.

Two witnesses have come forward reporting sexual abuse by a paedophile ring with links to government that took place at a number of locations including Dolphin Square – the home of many MPs.

One victim contacted police earlier this month claiming a number of killings were linked to the VIP group. Another spoke to an investigative website.

The information has been passed to Operation Fairbank – a Scotland Yard team originally set up to investigate allegations that a paedophile ring with links to government operated more than 30 years ago.

Police have responded with a new probe, Operation Midland, involving detectives from the Homicide and Major Crime Command and the Child Abuse Investigation Command.

They are looking into a series of alleged suspicious deaths and stress the investigation is at a very early stage.

No names of any potential victims have been released and it is not known if the youngsters were reported missing at the time.

Last July it emerged that a 40-page dossier on suspected Establishment paedophiles – compiled by the late Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens and sent to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan in 1983 – had vanished.

But a recent Home Office inquiry into its whereabouts has failed to uncover the files and Home Secretary Theresa May said she could not rule out suggestions of a cover-up.

Yesterday a witness in the case, who has spoken to detectives, told the BBC he was a child victim for nine years at ‘abuse parties’ held at Dolphin Square and elsewhere.

He claims two former Conservative MPs, including an ex-cabinet minister, and other senior Establishment figures, sexually abused him.

Speaking anonymously, and using the name ‘Nick’, the alleged victim said he had given three days of videotaped evidence to detectives.

Now in his 40s, he said that he was first abused by his own father before being handed over to the group who abused him from the age of 11 between 1975 and 1984.

He was forced to drink alcohol before being beaten and raped while his head was held under the water in a bath.

He said he was one of between 15 and 20 children who would be picked up in cars and taken to hotels and apartments where they were physically and sexually abused.

‘They were very powerful people and they controlled my life for the next nine years’, he told the BBC. ‘They created fear that penetrated every part of me, day in, day out.

‘You didn’t question what they wanted, you did as they asked without question and the punishments were very severe.’

He has given the names of those he believes were involved to the police and the BBC in hope of encouraging others to come forward.
‘We weren’t smuggled in under a blanket through the back door,’ he said. ‘It was done openly and people must have questioned that and they need to come forward.’

Detectives have been examining allegations of sex attacks at Dolphin Square for a number of months.

The proximity to Westminster of the plush estate of 1,250 flats in Pimlico has made it popular with politicians. Former residents include Harold Wilson, David Steel and William Hague.

The escalation of the inquiry comes as Mrs May struggles to find an acceptable chairman for an inquiry into claims of a top level cover-up of VIP paedophiles.

Two people asked to lead the inquiry, lawyer Fiona Woolf and retired judge Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, have so far quit over their links to the Establishment.

Last night Labour MP John Mann said the bombshell claims, which are the most serious so far to emerge in the scandal over the possible links of MPs and peers to paedophiles, must be taken seriously.

He added: ‘This shows the gravity of the situation; it is what some of us have been saying for the last year. I have said there have been murders and therefore I’m pleased to see this development.

‘I’m not the slightest bit surprised. There are more suspicious deaths that need to be investigated and the police are aware of.’

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘Over the past month, detectives working on Operation Fairbank within the Met’s Specialist Crime and Operations Directorate have been made aware of allegations concerning serious non-recent sexual abuse, said to have occurred over 30 years ago.

‘Our inquiries into this, over subsequent weeks, have revealed further information regarding possible homicide. Based on our current knowledge, this is the first time that this specific information has been passed to the Met.’

Details of where and when the suspicious deaths took place have not been revealed.

A spokesman added: ‘It is important that officers are allowed to pursue their work without interference.

‘We will not comment upon speculation as to the identity of any person or locations that may or may not feature in this inquiry.’