The Power of Sacrifice: Then and Now

Even today the original builders of Teotihuacan are a mystery. Abandoned long ago we still don’t know who built the colossal pyramids near Mexico City or who originally walked the stone avenues leading to them. We do however know something of those who came in their wake. After standing desolate for years a wandering, nomadic tribe stumbled on the empty city and proclaimed it as their new home.

Translated from the native Aztec tongue and meaning ‘City of the Gods’, Teotihuacan became the centre of an empire sustained by a steady procession of ritual human sacrifices. Captives taken by the Aztec armies in their wars of conquest were led along Teotihuacan’s main avenue to temples, where they were met by waiting priests. With obsidian knives the priests sliced open the victims solar plexus, offering their rapidly ebbing life forces as sacrificial offerings to the lords of the underworld. In return these darker deities were said to bestow gifts of worldly power and wealth to their earthly benefactors.

However, not all the sacrificial victims were captives taken by the Aztec armies. Some of the most highly prized were young Aztec children and virgins, offered to the priests by their parents. It was indeed considered an honour and a blessing to be offered in sacrifice. For in the cycle of incarnations a life prematurely terminated in one incarnation is said to bestow benefits in the next. Thus, according to Christian mystic and teacher Rudolph Steiner, gifts such as beauty or athletic prowess are often the result of an early death in the previous life. Quite simply a life force prematurely terminated in one-lifetime blossoms forth in renewed abundance in the next incarnation, and it was this belief that led Aztec parents to offer their children, drugged and bedecked with flowers, to the Aztec priests. They wanted the best for their children, and even if that meant an abrupt end in this lifetime the benefits would accrue in the next. Such was the prevailing belief in reincarnation and the logic behind the sacrifice of their own children.

So the Aztec empire was literally built on the blood innocents, and it is a story that echoes throughout human history. From the Aztecs and Mesoamerican civilisations to the Druids, human sacrifice has become the hallmark of degenerate, moribund cultures. Even if the culture starts out as a healthy one, in its latter stages it often declines to ritual human sacrifice; as witness the final phases of Druidism and the ‘Wicker man’. Most significantly though the practise of ritual human sacrifice was not based on fear or blind superstition but on what many in these cultures saw as sheer practicalities. It was their way of dealing with what today we would call ‘the real world’.

The Wickerman, the manlike figure into which victims were placed before being burnt alive
Crop failures would be followed be ritual sacrifice, and if that didn’t work, or if the sacrifices were deemed by the religious authorities to have been performed improperly, even more sacrifices followed until the crops flourished again. Either way the priesthood and power elite couldn’t lose in their deal and the people continued to believe in the power of sacrifice: thereby sustaining the rule of a power elite in league with darker forces.

All this changed however with the birth of Jesus, who became the living embodiment of the Christ force. It is indeed no exaggeration to say that the introduction of the Christ force marks a turning point in humanity’s development. For it supersedes the old order whereby the blood of ritual sacrifice sustained decadent, moribund societies. Instead, individual human beings make sacrifices of their own free will. And rather than making ritual blood sacrifices they renounce those things that are seen as harmful to the common good: be they carnal or emotional. Anger, hatred, fear, greed and suchlike are all forms of nourishment to the forces of the underworld: hence their antagonism toward the forces of Christ. The denizens of the underworld are fed by human negativity and do all in their power to promote it, whereas the Christ force denies them this nourishment.

So human sacrifice became, as it were, the life-blood of the Aztec empire and perhaps the most spectacular took the form team sports, where human teams were symbolically pitted against the powers of the underworld. Played in special courts with rubber balls these games were symbolic events where the winners would be hailed as semi divine heroes. And the losers would be slaughtered on sacrificial altars.

At the height of their power Aztec priests would sacrifice thousands in a single day. The end was in sight however in 1519, when Cortes fleet arrived in the Gulf of Mexico and embarked on a campaign of conquest that eventually led to the City of the Gods. With five hundred European conquistadors allied with several thousand native tribesmen, driven by hatred for their Aztec overlords, Cortes made his way to Teotihuacan. There he was met by the Aztec ruler Montezuma and was initially hailed as a returned Quetzalcoatl; a figure of Mesoamerican lore who was, according to legend, destined to return and usher in a golden age.

Things didn’t quite work out as the Aztec’s had foreseen though. Instead the Conquistadors slaughtered their Aztec hosts and ended the rule of Montezuma in a suitably bloody end. With their gunpowder and swords, neither of which the Aztecs had any match for, the Conquistadors were able to replace the rule of the old order with the rule of imperial Spain.

That was Then: This is Now

The practise of ritual human sacrifice didn’t end with the Aztecs however. There are signs that it has continued, and not just in a few, isolated criminal cases either. Indeed there are indications that ritual human sacrifice has actually flourished, although to recognise this requires a shift in perspective because it’s been cleverly concealed behind the appearance of criminal activity.

A prime example would be Fred West, one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers. He made a living by renting rooms in his house where Rosemary, his wife, plied her trade as a prostitute. Together they have been credited with a dozen murders over a period of twenty years. When police finally began digging up West’s garden they found nine bodies, and later, more elsewhere. What was significant about the remains was that all the corpses had finger and toe bones removed. On the face of it this may not mean very much but in esoteric lore it is an indication of ritual black magic. Because the history of Satanism is full of accounts of the “magic hand,” where finger bones are buried near the newly sacrificed victim.

Yet Fred swore that he never removed any of the fingers and ultimately swore that neither he nor his wife killed any of those found buried in the garden. But once Fred was in custody awaiting trial he appeared frightened and ill at ease. He was covering for others, he told a journalist, and it would all come out at his trial. That, however was not to happen: for on New Year’s Day 1995 Fred was found hanging in his cell. His death was judged to be suicide, despite the fact that he had been on 24-hour suicide watch.

Thereafter Rosemary was tried and convicted of her involvement in the murders, despite the paucity of hard evidence against her.

That should have been the end of that, but it wasn’t.

Ten months later Fred’s brother John was arrested and charged with having assisted Fred in multiple rapes. He was due to appear in court and testify in his defence when, would you believe it, he too committed suicide. All of which has led some researchers to conclude that Fred West was in fact telling the truth; that he did not kill any of the victims. Instead he simply procured them for a black magic coven that sacrificed them, after which Fred and his brother disposed of the bodies. In return Fred and his accomplices were probably given some modest payment, and the opportunity to rape and sexually molest at will.

Whoever they are, the members of the Satanic circle are probably outwardly respectable, influential, highly placed and still practising human sacrifice today. A few years after Fred West’s supposed “suicide” another murderer was caught and convicted in Gloucester. Jeffery Blacklock was tried and convicted for killing Janice Holbrook in 1999, after her body was found in a ground floor flat in 26 Cromwell Street, Gloucester: Which is, by strange coincidence, directly opposite Fred West’s old home of 25 Cromwell Street.

Fred and Rosemary West
Unfortunately the case of Fred West cannot be viewed in isolation, it is almost certainly part of a more widespread phenomenon.

A case in point is Patrice Alègre, one of France’s most notorious serial killers, currently serving a life sentence for five killings involving extreme cruelty. Alègre claims that at least one killing was done at the behest of highly placed individuals in response to a blackmail threat: linked to sadomasochistic orgies involving politicians, judges and police.

One of those mentioned was Dominique Baudis, former mayor of Toulouse and current head of the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel, an independent broadcasting watchdog. He has denied the accusations but one of the Judges named by Alègre has admitted to drinking with him. While another conceded that there was “some truth” in evidence from two former prostitutes of an official cover-up of Alègre’s crimes. Whether or not that entails any occult involvement is an open question, but the indications are that at least some of Alègre’s crimes involved collusion from the highest levels.

Another case is that of Pietro Pacciani, the so-called Monster of Florence who was recently linked to occult practises. The Tuscan gardener was tried in 1994 for a series of murders that spanned twenty years. Stocky and tough, Pacciani was convicted for having killed and mutilated courting couples before dying of a heart attack in prison, four years later.

However, the case was reopened after evidence emerged in 2001 suggesting that Pacciani was not the actual murderer. Like Fred West he was simply the delivery-man, providing a Satanic sect with victims for sacrifice and ceremonial mutilation. Fransesco Bruno, Italy’s leading criminal psychologist, had first outlined the idea of occult involvement in a report commissioned by the secret service in 1985 – before the final killing. He then sent it to Vincenzo Parisi, who has since risen to head the service, but the report was never forwarded to police.

Tuscan detectives now want to know why the report was buried and where Pacciani, an illiterate labourer, acquired the wherewithal to buy two houses and have a bank account in excess of £50,000. As with Fred West, detectives investigating the reopened case think that Pacciani was in the pay of a Satanic sect.

Pietro Pacciani’s death of a supposed heart attack in February 1998 is now also being treated as murder. The investigating magistrate, Paolo Canessa, believes that Pacciani was fed drugs to silence him lest he reveal the real culprits behind the killings.

All of which throws an entirely new light on Marc Dutroux, the Belgium electrician accused of raping and murdering four young girls in the 1990’s. In 1996 350,000 people took to the streets of Brussels to protest at what they saw as police and judicial mishandling of the case. Early last year however, new facts came to light. A TV journalist, masquerading as a politician’s chauffer gained access to Dutroux’s cell, who admitted to the journalist that he was indeed part of a wider “network.”

His comments re-ignited the controversy surrounding the case in Belgium. Where many of the victim’s relatives have long maintained the existence of such a network, claiming that its activities were covered up because senior politicians and policemen were involved.

“A network with all kinds of criminal activities really does exist,” Dutroux told the journalist working for VTM, a Flemish TV station. “I maintained regular contacts with the people who made up this network. But the authorities don’t want to look into it.”

Why didn’t the authorities want to look into it, you may ask? Could it be that too much would have been revealed, that the occult nature of some of the bastions of modern power would have been exposed? Like they say: knowledge is power, and those who have this knowledge like to keep it hidden. If too many people possessed this knowledge it would lose its power, which is why it’s kept as hidden, occult knowledge.

Black Magic Knows No Racial Boundaries

In case after case we are seeing the same factors at work. Serial killings compounded by what appears to incompetence and plain ignorance on the part of the police and judiciary. At least, that is how it appears but the reality may be completely different. We may in fact be seeing the harvest of modern occult practise: wherein occult covens are routinely sacrifice innocent lives with the help of criminals and other low-life characters. And then concealing their practises with the collusion of those in the courts, the police and the media, who in turn owe their positions of power to just such occult practises.
The recent arrest of 21 people in London recently has been linked to human trafficking and the ritual killing of young children. The arrests follow months of investigations that led police from London to Nigeria, South Africa and back to Dublin. Although most of those arrested were black, it should be emphasised that the practise of black magic knows no racial boundaries. It is just that those who practise it in the west are more sophisticated and devious than their counterparts in Africa. Consequently they employ the media and the forces of the law to their own benefit. And in turn, those who help them conceal their crimes are rewarded with more power in the police, the courts and the media.

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