Voice of the White House April 23, 2009

“This great fuss about torture is as carefully crafted as a Hitchcock movie. There is absolutely no question that a number of top Bush people will be charged with criminal issues over this. Addington, Libby, Yoo and about three others are the main targets. I am told that someone just found some memos in Cheney’s files that implicate him sx olidly so now the question will be if he will be added to the bag. Obama has shown great skill in this, mark me. First, he condemns torture in the campaign. Then, as a new president, he bans the use of it. Then he released the damning memos in the face of combined efforts on the part of top CIA people to stop it. He then goes to the CIA and tells a cheering crowd of their people that there will be no prosecutions. The public, fanned by a concerted media campaign, is outraged as his refusal to prosecute. Then he says that he is not sure what he will do and follows this with the statement that people who break the law must expect to be punished. If I were Yoo and Addington, I would take a trip to some distant place, using a fake CIA U.S. passport and forget to come back. Obama will bow to the will of the people because we know that vox Populi, vox Dei! Let the heads roll!”

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Comment – April 25, 2009

Unlike the White House insider, we don’t think Obama will “bow to the will of the people”. If he follows anyone’s wishes it will be those who really placed him in the White House. And appearances aside, it was not ordinary Americans who put Obama in the Oval Office but a hidden elite, who postioned him to serve their own interests. Ed.