Dirt in High Places

Recently Scotland Yards anti-terrorist squad entered Westminster and arrested Conservative frontbencher Damian Green in his parliamentary office. In the process they seized computers and trawled back several years, looking for information on one of Britain’s top Civil Liberties campaigners, Shami Chakrabarti.

The were ostensibly looking for secret leaked files concerning Britain’s immigration fiasco, but Chakrabarti has been a constant thorn in the side of those in government who would take away our freedoms and control all information.

Chakrabarti has been the focus of a recent smear campaign over supposed relationships, and the security service who monitor her, claimed she had emotional late night phone calls with MP David Davis.

In fact the calls were about her concerns over abuses in Afghanistan and the 42-day detention row and Davis was alleged to be “tapping her up for information”.

We can expect a propaganda exercise against her soon, of the “dirty tricks” ridicule category. Like the stunt pulled on the right wing leader Colin Jordan some years ago when he was shopping in Tesco and found to have stolen ladies underwear in his shopping, or the Jeremy Thorpe fiasco, or the drugging of David Icke before his T V appearance.

Making someone an object of ridicule can ruin their public life and was indeed the speciality of a recently expelled New Labour advisor. We may soon see a similar campaign against Chakrabarti.

Moreover we have been informed that the real reason police wanted to access Damian Greens computer, where Civil servant Christopher Galley recently left sensitive immigration files, was to erase a forged visa to enter Britain by a known child sex offender.

The offender in question was none other than US President Barak Obama’s brother, Samson Obama, who had entered Britain and lived here until last November.

American readers may not have heard too much about Samson Obama and had British police successfully deleted the files on Damien Green’s computer they may have heard nothing further about the allegations against him.

The arrest of Damien Green and the seizure of his computer is another example of how Britain is rapidly becoming a police state with criminals in charge.

Russian mafia boss Ivan Lewkaszewski further illustrates this with claims that many ex-KGB officers; criminal thugs and serial offenders come to Britain using false Polish passports and student visas. Foreign language schools provided a cover for them and Operation Radium, the recent secret police clean up of 119 brothels in eastern Britain, found many “students’ were actually prostitutes both male and female, some of whom had “entertained” top politicians.

Operation Ore, the US led enquiry into the child sex trade, named many of these same politicians but Tony Blair had an immediate D notice placed on it.

Conveniently Robin Cook who was against the Iraq war and was a man of principle conveniently had a heart attack before he could speak on the matter.

T Stokes
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The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence