Call me naive. Lots of people do.

After all, immediately after 9-11, I wanted to believe that it was Arabs who did the deed and it took me a whole week to notice the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

And, once Barack Obama was elected, I called for us to come together in support of America’s new president. I never imagined that anybody could be worse than George W. Bush. It begins to appear that I may have been wrong about that, too.

I want to like Obama. In fact, I still do … personally. After all, he is just so … likeable. Problem is, things are happening on his watch that continue to fracture America and, in fact, seem to be accelerating her plunge into the political, social and economic abyss.

Give him his due. Obama seems to have settled things down with countries like Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. However, that merely has thrown Israel into a frenzy. Ultimately, America seems to dance to the same tune that Israel already knows so well. Not that Israel controls America, mind you, but the same shadowy cartel that controls Israel does control America (can you say Council on Foreign Relations, boys and girls?).

Change? WWIII is Change, After All

When (not if) Israel attacks Iran, the response will be guaranteed to draw in America, as well. That, in turn, will draw in Russia and, likely, China. So, even Obama’s foreign-relations rapprochements seem to be drawing us ever closer to WWIII.

Domestically, things aren’t really much better. There is a superficial sheen of action on Obama’s part, but the reality becomes graver every day. Sure, he released those government memos showing that torture was authorized at the highest levels of the Bush administration, but that has served to ignite nothing but criticism. Disclosure means that we have tipped our hand and can no longer employ those techniques because our “enemies” now will be prepared, say the critics.

I have yet to hear anybody say that our forbidding torture actually is a good thing. I have yet to hear any real condemnation from officials or the media of the fact that America actually tortured people. That is just how far our country has come from the days of George Washington, who forbade injuring any prisoners because such conduct by his soldiers would “bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their country.” And so it has. So it has. Deservedly so, as well. After all, what have you or I done to bring an end to this shameful practice on behalf of America?

And one guy was water boarded nearly 200 times. 200. Think about it. You’d think that just a single experience of thinking he was going to drown would have been enough to elicit anything useful he might have had to say. 200 times shows that water boarding was being used to mete out punishment of someone who never had been allowed a defense to any charges. I don’t hear any criticism of that fact, folks. Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?

And the bailouts. Oh, the bailouts. Talk about throwing gasoline on a fire! So we have a problem caused by the creation of money far in excess of the production of goods and services to support it? And we hope to solve it by doing what? Creating even more money, of course. And not just a little bit, either. So much more new money that the word trillion now has gone into our lexicon, just as the word billion went in a few years ago after being an inconceivable concept. How long before we start talking about quadrillions of dollars, do you suppose?

And just who do you suppose is in charge of deciding who gets what bailouts? Why, the same guys that got us into trouble in the first place, of course. That’s why the banks and financial fat cats all are being made whole and we are being sold down the river to finance their bailouts. No, Mr. Obama is not making things better economically – in fact, history will show that he made them infinitely worse.


People seem to be waking up to the fact that Obama, who never before managed anything so substantial as a fast-food restaurant during his lifetime, just might be in over his head and relying upon the wrong people for advice. That’s why his poll numbers are taking a nosedive during what still should be his presidency’s honeymoon period.

Even so, I still kind of like the guy. He just seems so naive, is the problem. He is allowing others to dictate policy, both foreign and domestic, and they are the same old clique (all together now: Council on Foreign Relations). That’s why the Obama administration actually looks a lot like the Bush administration, folks.

Obama has announced his clear intent to legalize the illegal aliens now in America. Similarly, Obama shows a clear disregard for policing our southern border.

Obama has usurped the upcoming census and placed it under the control of ACORN, the private association of hired guns proven to have committed so much election fraud during the past two elections. Guess what is about to happen to the reported demographics that determine electoral districts and representatives – not that it will make any difference, that is?

In a very recent appellate court hearing (Jewel v. NSA), Obama’s Justice Department lawyers actually argued for even greater immunity in conducting warrantless wiretapping of Americans than did Bush’s! As a candidate for the Presidency, Obama decried the use of what is known as the “state secrets” privilege by the Bush administration. Yet, as President, Obama now argues for its unprecedented extension, so as to provide unlimited immunity to the government for spying on all of us.

The only reason that congress is not moving forward with Obama’s expressed desire to confiscate our guns is the fact that his election created such a boom in gun and ammunition sales that many stores post a picture of President Obama with the legend “Salesman of the Year” beneath it. And just try to go buy ammunition these days.

Ozzie & Harriet: Domestic Terrorists

The Department of Homeland Security, in a report that Obama has refused to disavow, has identified the vast majority of Americans as potential domestic terrorists. Returning military veterans are a danger because of their training, not to mention the fact that they become disaffected by being mistreated by the very government that sent them overseas to fight and die. Good enough to carry a gun and kill Arabs for Israel, but too dangerous to own a gun now that they have returned home.

Opposed to illegal immigration? You are a potential terrorist, says DHS.

Opposed to gun confiscation? Yep, you are a potential terrorist, too.

Unemployed? Can’t get credit? Look out, because you could be a terrorist.

Know anybody who expresses dissatisfaction with our federal government? DHS would like you to report those individuals immediately to both itself and the FBI because they could be terrorists.

The U.S. vs. us

Did you attend one of the thousands of “TEA parties” held throughout America recently? The FBI and DHS likely photographed you and recorded your license plate number because you are a prime suspect of being a domestic terrorist. What’s more, agents of the FBI and DHS followed orders in covertly gathering this data about attendees, particularly keeping their presence secret from state and local authorities.

Seriously, now – does it sound as though Obama is changing anything for the better? Could things get any worse, do you suppose? In a word – yes. Hold on, because they sure aren’t going to get better for a long, long time.

I’ve just received word that this Spring’s record late freeze has destroyed approximately 75% of Oklahoma’s 2009 wheat crop. This is a deadly serious fact, folks, one that has been repeated not only across all of America, but also throughout the Northern Hemisphere’s entire grain belt. I’m sure that the total damage already has been estimated by government officials, but don’t expect to hear the figures anytime soon. The implications are enormous. While I already had been predicting food riots for next year, the current wheat crop failures absolutely guarantee that they will take place.

Obama: Chains You Can Believe In

Get ready for martial law, folks. I predict that we will see it enacted sometime next year, if not as early as this coming Fall.

Get ready for serious food shortages. The climate change responsible for one of the worst winters on record in America is continuing and seems to support an inference that we are entering a “mini ice age” such as that endured during the Middle Ages.

Get ready for rioting in the streets of our cities.

Get ready for gun confiscation.

And all you potential domestic terrorists? Get ready to be arrested and held indefinitely without charges. With luck, we may avoid water boarding, but that is about the best for which we can hope.

Martial law means no transportation, no Internet, no cell phones, no freedom of any sort. Complete lockdown. Possibly in the company of a new “9-11″ in the form of the disease pandemic that Dick Cheney so often has promised us. Already, mass media is so controlled that we likely will see no change in TV or the few newspapers that anybody bothers to read these days.

You think things are bad right now? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

New America – an idea whose time has come.

Original source: http://www.nickelrant.com/rants/090422rant.htm