Nazis and Soviets Acted as One — Aug 26, 2017

A 2008 documentary, The Soviet Story confirms that the Second World War was contrived by the Illuminati to wreak havoc on Europe, including Jews who were not Freemasons (Cabalists.) The USSR and Nazis Germany emerged from the same Illuminati workshop and were mirror-images of each other. The USSR murdered 20 million of its own citizens. However, unlike Germany, it has not been shamed nor the perpetrators brought to justice. Indeed the emblem of Communism has recently gained currency in the US, a fact that will cause genuine alarm after viewing this film. You see, socialists believe in massacring anyone who stands in their way.
It appears that the Illuminati control the world by funding and controlling both sides of every conflict. This is “the Illuminati dialectic.”  Conflict is just a charade designed to control and exploit humanity.

By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

hitler and stalin“The Soviet Story” by young Latvian documentary filmmaker Edwins Snores argues that the Nazi and Communist regimes were mirror images and collaborated to an unexpected degree.
Snores says Hitler and Stalin had a secret agreement for the division of Europe; that Hitler gave Stalin permission to invade Nazi ally Finland and Stalin aided in the Nazi invasion of Norway. When the Luftwaffe bombed Poland, their planes were guided by navigational beams from Kiev. Communist parties in Europe were instructed to sabotage opposition to the Nazis and French Communists addressed their Nazi occupiers as “comrades.”
Goebbels compared Hitler with Lenin while Molotov outlawed opposition to Nazi ideology. The SS and NKVD had a secret protocol and handed over Nazi and Communist partisans for torture and execution. According to this film, the Russians handed over thousands of Jews for extermination. Socialists in France openly embraced the Nazis.

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