Why is there no Affirmative Action for Jews?

An Idea whose time has come.
Jewish groups have championed affirmative action for every minority but themselves. It’s time their selflessness was rewarded.

by the Irish Savant — (embellished by henrymakow.com) Nov 7, 2014

AlbertShankerCommon justice demands Affirmative Action for Jews.
As every schoolboy know, Jews have been to the forefront of civil rights, diversity and Affirmative Action from Day 1. The ACLU, $PLC and various other Jewish pressure groups have assiduously examined employment statistics and developed complex mathematical formulae to determine each ethnic grouping’s appropriate representational level.
But never for themselves.
And this of course is entirely attributable to the legendary altruistic, selfless pursuit of the common good that we’ve come to associate with Jews. They worry themselves sick about justice for blacks, Muslims, lesbians, Hispanics, women but never for themselves.

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