Times Online Revisionism?

We’ve come to expect little else from the grovelling shills in the mainstream media. The very people who tried to sell us the lie about “Saddam Hussien’s Weapons of Mass Destruction” and Princess Diana’s death in a “car accident” are working overtime to spread disinformation and distortion. Often motivated by sheer ignorance it’s no wonder Internet use is exploding and newspaper sales are falling!

A prime example appears in a Times Online preview of the hottest films for summer, 2009.

Among films listed are Katyn, a Polish film about the now infamous massacre of Polish officers in Katyn Forest.

However, the Times rewrites history by describing the film as:

“Leading Polish director Andrzej Wajda lost his father in the German massacre of Polish officers and soldiers in Katyn forest in 1940. His film is a powerful re-creation of the event.”

As anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge of WWII knows, the massacre was carried out by the Soviets NOT the Nazis!

More than displaying a fundamental ignorance of one of World War Two’s most significant events – like saying the Nazi’s bombed Pearl Harbour or the Japanese sunk the Bismarck – it also reveals a profound contempt for readers intelligence.

At the time of writing the error was still uncorrected.

Little wonder then that many now regard mainstream media journalists as no more than “intellectual whores”. Ed.