Evening Standard Finally Admits Using Faked Photos

London’s Evening Standard has admitted to having doctored photos of Iraqi’s jubilantly greeting US forces as they entered Baghdad. The photo in question appeared on the front page of the Evening Standard on Wednesday, April 9th. However, the Evening Standard only acknowledged using doctored images on Thursday July 24, and even then its acknowledgement was buried in small print on page 18. Worse still, it didn’t even apologise for having presented readers with faked images. Instead, it blandly assures them that: “some extra people were added to the image in order to fill the space left by the removal of logos from the picture. In our opinion this did not alter the clarity of truth of the picture’s message but we are happy to make this clear.”

Right. So this was all done in the pursuit of the truth.

But as one reader wrote in to us: “If the Evening Standard will provide the original unaltered image capture perhaps we can see this ‘clarity of truth’ for ourselves. Until then I will believe that they have manipulated this image to generate the acceptance of a lie.”

The photos of jubilant Iraqis greeting coalition troops, that appeared on the front page of the Evening Standard, April 9th
And the Evening Standard's belated acknowledgement that the image had actually been altered
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With thanks to Laidley Worm