The Black Riders are Galloping on the Poisoned Wind

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 29, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
I’d like to keep the entries at this blog at a certain level and directed toward the metaphysical but the physical and the non physical are both a part of the whole. It’s all one thing. One is simply resident in a bandwidth that transcends the sensory. People who measure existence by what they can see and hear, often acknowledge only that. It’s an ancient argument that ignorance always loses. If something is around the corner and you can’t see it, is it actually there? Of course it is. If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one to hear it does it make a sound? Of course it does.
So it is that we are going to be, not only, dealing with the mundane today but with the grotesque. Our lives are being affected by these things and these things are being intentionally generated by specific interests for exactly the effect they are having. These days… most of us are not very bright. That is observably so because if it were not so, what is going to be discussed here today wouldn’t be under discussion. There would be no market for these things.
At first it might appear that the various things I am going to mention are not connected. They most certainly are… if only due to the fact that the same forces are behind every single one of them.
The Satanist and Zionist Alliance, which controls most of the governments of the West; maybe most governments as far as I know, are committed to fomenting a race war between white people and all the other colors. I don’t need to add in supporting links for this. The evidence of it is everywhere, from Ferguson to the open borders immigration scam. The proliferation of Latino drug gangs in nearly every American city is also a managed phenomenon. None of this has anything to do with the numbers of relatively sane and honest people of every color everywhere. That is something else.
If certain people provably control the entertainment business (all aspects of it), the media and publishing (all aspects), the art world (all the galleries) AND they are promoting a certain quality of expression then it stands to reason that these are the forms of expression they are intending to promote because…? Well… that’s an interesting question. Why? What’s their point? Here are the lyrics from several very popular artists of the day. Please take a moment to ponder the artistic excellence provided. I’m sure there are those out there who will ‘somehow’ find artistic merit in these loathsome, ignorant, toxic and downright evil offerings but… what can I say? Ponder these timeless works at your leisure. Here is Lil Wayne with another renaissance man, Drake. Then there’s the effervescent and high minded, Iggy Azalea. Finally we have the ever irrepressible Olympian muse Niki Minaj with Drake and Lil Wayne. Beautiful work eh? Doesn’t it just make your heart swell with pride at the force of creative genius springing up like Kudzu on all sides? This is the state of popular music and I’ve only given you a small sample.
At the same time as war is being fomented between the races, it is being fomented between the sexes. You can thank Soros for this, as well as other Tribe members and Satanists who are behind it. Here is one obviously Soros funded group of psycho Amazons who came to attention by stabbing a statue of Putin. Of course, then there is the potty mouthed kiddie sluts, courtesy of the Tribe alternative sexual agenda and then there is the timely appearance of things like this being put together by the same people. You will note that most of this isn’t harassment and if you spend ten hours walking through specific neighborhoods where this kind of thing is epidemic, it’s not hard to go into the edit room and put together any impression you want. It goes without saying that all of these guys are fans of the cretins whose lyrics were previously posted here. Considering the state of the culture and how it manifests on the streets in urban locations, of course this is what you get.
Ironically both of the A-list power chicks supporting the travesty are having bad personal problems; Mr. Apocalypse of course. Here’s Jane Lynch’s situation and here is Ellen Degenerates. You can find loads and loads of really seamy stuff going on which I was completely unaware of but for the purpose of this posting am now aware of.
Now let us consider two Tribe lovelies who are bringing their own interests into the marketplace and one of them had a model made of her own privates for regular use by twisted psyches who are unable to find a real creature for their needs. It makes you just want to stand up and cheer when you see a member of that group who are pushing for more than equal rights, getting into such a supportive industry of the same. Then there is the other one and obviously the writer of this expose has run into being called anti-Semitic, given the mention of it.
Finally, let us call attention to the seriously funny side of the whole thing; you can’t make this stuff up. Just read the article. You’re probably familiar with Tribe owned TMZ which features pretty much only rappers and reality TV show actors and whose main focus overall is The Kardashians. They also own Fishwrapper and a number of other execrable sites that pander to the lowest possible level of people and professions.
Down and down it goes folks and where it stops? There is no end in sight is there? Now, the delightful Honey Boo Boo has been taken off the air; probably to drum up the ratings because it appears that they arranged for some guy who molested Honey Boo Boo’s older sister (forced felatio) and got sent to prison for ten years now being out and cuddling up with the momma again; the inference is that he’s got eyes for the little boo boo. Of course this whole thing was scripted. The truly tragic reality here is that this is a hugely popular show watched by millions. Who are these people? I have no idea but… it tells me what’s going on out there and it tells me that things are going to get very, very bad in certain places. How can it not?
I didn’t want to come in here and distress you today. I did not want to reduce you to the desperate need for a brain shower; the need to have your mind steam cleaned. HOWEVER, this is what’s going on out there these days and the same people are behind every single one of these things and that is stone cold fact and can’t be argued against. Coincidence? Cherry picking on my part? Craft whatever rationalizations you wish; nothing here is being mis-portrayed and nothing here is not one hundred percent what it is. Sourcing it all is a breeze. It IS what it IS. Huh… what do you know? There’s a little ISIS in there.
Why am I putting this together today? I want to bring your attention to just how desperate the times have become. It may seem normal and ‘same as it always was’ in your little neighborhood but it is now exactly as it was in The Shire just prior to the arrival of The Black Riders. As unreal as it all is… it’s real. If what I have shown you today is going on and, quite obviously it is; imagine what is also taking place outside of your sightline. It is most certainly time to take personal inventory and try to figure out whether whatever it is that you have been up to is worth the effort you’ve put into it and worth your staying around to continue at it. Is a place to store your ass worth more than the ass you are storing? Is your ass worth more than your integrity? Your honor? Your dignity? Is there somewhere to go? Can you get there? Are you okay where you are? These are questions that can be sent to the inner regions of the subconscious and resolved according to the mysterious workings of that region.
It has been proven in the testimony of great thinkers, inventors and all manner of people who have found themselves up against impasses and creative blocks, where nothing they did seemed to be the answer, who sent their concerns into their own recesses and woke up in the middle of the night or the next morning and found the answer there. There are hundreds and hundreds of stories about this sort of thing, involving a litany of famous names. Perhaps the most famous example of spontaneous associative awakening is Archimedes and Eureka! Surely he was thinking about the matter for some time and his subconsciousness was sorting it out and then he stepped into his bath
You have within you all that you could possibly need to sort out your personal situation. You have to apply it though. It could well be later than you think. Some of the things illustrated here today are indications that serious shit is in the windshield. Wherever you may be in this hour, my heart goes out to you and I implore you to think about your situation and refer everything that you can’t decipher or compute back to that engine that sorts it all out while you sleep and is the reason that there are dreams in the first place.
Finally, my apologies, once again for subjecting you to some of the horrific personalities, presently whooping it up in the ravenous fires of these end times. Maybe you didn’t know it was like this and maybe all the dots as they connect to the main stain was not obvious. It should be now.
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