Requiem for a Failed Species

John Kaminski — Rebel News Oct 26, 2014

morlocksYour choice is clear — disbelief or panic! Guard against the lethal threats or pretend they are not real, just more horror stories to be believed by the gullible and unprepared. These stories are everywhere and all the time and the media promise more to come with each new adrenaline pumping newscast. Will you believe them?

Are invisible bugs flying around the world intent on melting your internal organs after just a whiff? Or is this just another government fairy tale, planted by Bill Gates in an African lab and now embellished by doctors in white coats curing the incurable with a magic shot that they are now offering, with a glazed smile, to you. These passion plays are meant to obscure the grim fact that the financial system has disintegrated, and without the protective hand of totalitarianism, total chaos in the world and your early termination date are just a heartbeat away? Just let them keep bombing imaginary enemies and everything will be fine, is what they tell you.

Has America ever sunk so low? Or has it always been this low? How embarrassing to be an American these days, as our country lies to the whole world about everything, and most Americans cast their eyes downward and keep quiet. What a rotten bunch of sadistic losers! Americans allow innocent people to be killed, and then pretend not to notice, because football scores and I-phones are more important to them.

Will Ebola quarantines keep us locked in our houses until we starve to death? Or is the pandemic scare just a ruse to pin everyone in place, where those on the red list can be hauled away and squashed like bugs at the convenience of a government that has tired of our whining complaints? A government that only wishes we keep silent about their lies — just take the check and shut up!

Futurist swami Clif High is predicting planes sitting on runways full of dead bodies, with doctors refusing to board them, schools closed by parents trying to keep their children alive, churches and sports stadiums abandoned by people trying to avoid anyone who sneezes. Whose side is he on? You get to answer.

Should you buy a gun, and/or, should you register it? Two questions in one. A handgun won’t stop a SWAT team in an armored vehicle. It could stop a desperate neighbor trying to steal your food. Registering your gun lets the cops know where you are when they decide to come and take it away. Not registering it leaves you eligible for jail time or worse when you have to use it.

If you still think America works, what bogus government agency do you work for?

And what do you tell your kids about their future? Not to worry? Daddy’s going to make everything all right?

While they are now being taught arithmetic that makes no sense to graduate level mathematicians, your children are being sterilized by laptop computers they hold in their laps that irradiate their reproductive organs. All schools, keeping up with the times, now have Wi-Fi, guaranteeing cancer down the road without even calculating the future damage already done by mandatory vaccinations, which in the case of Gardasil, have just about ruined your chances to have grandchildren.

Which might be just as well, considering the deteriorating condition of the planet, which everyone tries to hard to ignore. As the human population keeps exploding, the bees and other species keep dying off, and Siberia’s on fire. We’re still looking for a 3D printer that can produce actual food, or a way to stay alive when all the plants are dead and it’s too hot to breathe.

The brains of Americans don’t even need Ebola to melt them into a puddle of Fort Detrick gruel. They have become so eroded by worry that they can’t even understand that U.S. planes are bombing U.S. terror trainees on the back side of Syria, and the trainees are firing back and killing American pilots. This is the change Obama promised.

That, and the facts now becoming well known that vaccines don’t prevent disease, they give them to you. Just ask a Liberian, or perhaps a Sierra Leonean.

Your most likely cause of death is now being shot to death by a cop because you have committed no crime, after which the cop will not be charged nor will he be asked why he killed you. Think more than twice about calling 911 for anything as the victims are often first to get flushed in the clogged toilet of the New World Order.

The Queen sits in her palace contemplating the viruses she has spread throughout the world, viewing her crop of corpses as very beneficial to her reeling realm. I wonder if she’ll scream the day the endless legions of African savages swarm her manicured estates and rape whatever and whomever is possible, like they so often do now in other parts of England and across most of Europe.

It’s crystal clear the Beltway bandits, dancing on strings pulled by the kosher psychos, are trying to start World War III for the purpose of population reduction. Of course, they themselves, like most everybody else, don’t think they will ever die.

• • •

How did we get here? Like two horizontal lines on a graph growing farther apart from each other by the day, the lies they tell us and the knowledge we let slip away both run off the edge of different sides of the same map.

Those of us who are in the frustrating business of trying to get the lemmings to suddenly grow a brain are usually aghast at both the frequency and magnitude of indifference across our decaying landscape. The typical response we get when trying to wake up someone about something that requires public action usually is . . . “There’s nothing we can do about that. Why worry about something we have no control over?” Then they usually return to the mind-numbing TV show they’re watching, very often a sporting event.

Idiots who think they know everything because they’ve gone to Jewish schools, been brought up by Jewish religions and weaned on Jewish media don’t really have a clue about what has happened to their country, and their world, and they have been so diminished by bad food and medicine that they don’t really care.

I would like to propose a new definition of Holocaust denial that has nothing to do with World War II.

The things that you deny are killing you are the things that are actually killing you. Wi-fi radiation. Leaking nuke plants. Toxic cell phone towers. Carcinogenic food, such as poison wheat. Cops.

The Holocaust is happening now, and you are its victim. The government is staging a pandemic for a disease it has created in its own labs, and now is going to order that you take a shot that will be the cause of your premature death.

Will you take it? Will you believe what they say? Will you bet your life that you can trust what the government tells you?

Sandy Hook was a hoax. The Boston Marathon bombing was a planned drill. 9/11 was a fraudulent operation.

What evidence do you have that your government ever tells you the truth? When was the last example you can think of that your government actually told you the truth? Go ahead. Tell us. It will be a surprise to everyone.

There are things that are going to kill us that we cannot correct. We can’t even correct our criminal government.

A lot of ignorant tough guys touting one preposterously delusional philosophy or another say the methane scare is a bunch of bunk. There is no other subject to think about than the disappearance of the conditions for life on this planet.

Prior to this conclusion, the world will realize that a nation that kills its own citizens, no matter its political philosophy, does not deserve to survive. Such an inhuman country cannot be dealt with by anyone, and must be eliminated. And that goes double for the moneychanging little scumbags who control it from Israel.

• • •

It all came down to believing we could live forever, and in trying to do so, we killed everything that lived.

Bequeathed with the gifts and abilities to achieve as yet unimagined greatness, perfect justice, and the respect of all living species throughout the universe, in our fear, we settled for imaginary magic men who pretended to bestow eternity on those who would kill their enemies. Thus, in their boundless fear, everyone and everything turned out to be their enemies.

As long as you harbor any hope of heaven, or dream you will return to Earth for another shot at incarnate perfection, or ask for any favor and promise to do any task or follow any rules in exchange for immunity from death, you are assisting in the murder of every living thing. As long as you fail to recognize death as a natural and proper part of life, you will kill everything you touch.

Today, as the Earth goes up in methane flames and blithering men seek to kill all who oppose their delusional desires, humanity has squandered its unique opportunity to be the kind of being that all living things aspire to be.

A friend and benefactor to all, a sustainer of those in need, a rescuer of those in danger, a loving parent to your healthy children, and a grateful child to the parents who have raised you.

Instead you are a groveling sycophant, trapped in your illusions provided by bad men who only wanted to steal your property and rape your children. This history they provided for you is exactly the opposite of what happened, but because they controlled all the news outlets, they can now get you to do anything they want you to do and make you believe you’re doing the right thing, like, for instance, attach electrical wires to an innocent person’s genitals inside Abu Ghraib prison, bombing a wedding party in Afghanistan, or administering a vaccine you know contains a fatal disease in Sierra Leone.

You’re so afraid of losing what little food you have that you keep your mouth shut when the cops mistakenly kill your neighbor and then plant drugs in his home to make it look legit.

And you wonder why you and your children and your grandchildren are not going to survive more than few years more when you don’t understand what you’ve just read on this screen, and what you should do about it to make sure these things don’t come to pass.

Then the horror of it all hits you hard when you realize that all the things described herein have already happened, and will continue to happen because you have failed to oppose them.

• • •

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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.