Easter in Her Spiral

Tomorrow is Easter. Tomorrow we get proof of everlasting life or we celebrate the occurrence of having received proof of everlasting life or, it’s just another day. Proof of everlasting life has always been around but what that means is under debate. What parts last and what parts do not …and why is the collective focus so overwhelmingly upon the parts that do not… last?

Where I am, the biggest focus is on the traditional meaning of Easter and probably the country’s main holiday. Other places it is the Easter Bunny, which I think is a fertility symbol, dressed up in a fairytale persona; you can assume that from the eggs and what we know about rabbits.

There isn’t any question in my mind that Jesus Christ accomplished everything attributed to him… even if, not exactly the way the people that run the curio kiosks say he did and even if the historical Jesus was never around… that’s got no bearing on the matter.

Students of the Hermetic sciences, occult history and metaphysical venues know that the ageless tales of our trials and redemptions are played out in most religions and myths and based on Nature and things hidden within Nature and hidden within ourselves. What religions there may be at any particular time are more for the purposes of crowd control and the maintenance of the status quo. Promotions and demotions take place on their particular conveyor belts and a certain percentage of personnel are sacrificed on battlefields and elsewhere in rituals that appease the appetites of dark entities that deliver on promises paid for in blood and which assist in holding up the pretenses and structures that maintain the rulership of the temporal plane.

People generally think that angels are servants of God and demons are servants of The Devil. They have the further impression that these two are of equal power and that it’s touch and go all down the line but that God wins in the end. Actually… angels and demons are employees who perform specific tasks for a single conscious force with a dual appearance, depending on whether you are a righteous or a wicked sort. I should add that this has little to do with the judgment of society in that respect. Quite often the apparently good are inherently evil and so on and so forth, in forward and reverse.

The same types performing at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ are performing at the present, daily crucifixion of truth which is, after all, what Jesus the Christ represents; according to him being “the way, the truth and the light”. Those presently telling the truth are outcasts among the general population just as Jesus was and those telling the lies are pulling the strings upon which the unconscious puppets dance. It’s no more complicated than that and anyone making it complicated is involved in the process and anyone can see this if they will put off the blinders of self-interest.

The scoffing and the mocking and the ridicule of the day are coming from the same circles as they did back in the day. The same agencies are at work. The same personalities are employed to the same ends. The time is no more or less mystical or holy today than it was then and no particular portion of ground is more holy than another. No portion of dirt belongs more exclusively to any animated figures of dirt except that all of the dirt belongs to itself which belongs to the consciousness that animates the dirt, with or without the knowledge of those animated.

None of the exoteric rituals and costumes has any potency except within the minds of those so believing and generally… only for the purpose of deception and control. It is as real as Halloween is and the difference between the perspective of children on Halloween and the perspective of adults at any other time is no different either. It’s all a dress up occasion for the celebration of our inner fears and hopes personified by fantastic presentations that bear no resemblance to anything real.

There is a reason why people will sit at the end of their life and wonder what happened and who it happened to. There is a reason why people will not remember what actually happened and remember instead what they have deceived themselves into believing. There is a reason why the larger percentage are filled with disappointment, confusion and fear and why some smaller portion are filled with faith, hope and brimming expectation.

Power on one plane of existence does not transfer to power on other planes of existence. Money on one level is not currency on the other and only one power has power over all of the planes of existence. One either is in accord with that power or one is not. One will submit to that power regardless, when the time comes. There is a reason why senility is the state achieved to in the main and why regenerated innocence, which is the sole objective of a true life, is so rarely accomplished.

It is conceivable that one may fall short and experience defeat many thousands of times in the pursuit of a greater awareness. So long as one renews their commitment they may continue to the goal. For the majority, this determination will be strong- only in a particular period of youthful industry- before it turns to the common industry of mortal gain and loss. Then they become a part of the army that opposes the continuing pursuit of those who will not cease in their objective for that lasting freedom …and which is what the tale of Jesus the Christ is all about. Imitation is more than the sincerest form of flattery. It also will transform you into what is being imitated.

The enemies that are set against the fulfillment of life’s great task are many. Your parents and your associates; the governments, religions, education systems and the world of business; all of these oppose you. The enemies in the outer are mirrored by the inner enemies and you do seem to be quite alone. It is for this reason that the inspiration of those who have gone before is of such great value. One’s failures are not the measure of accomplishment. Everyone fails and would go no great distance at all without the help and inspiration of the unseen hand.

Look around you at what is mocked and hindered. Look at what is ignored in nearly all of the books and movies; what seldom appears in conversation or in life except as a parody manifesting out of the mouths and in the actions of hypocrites and liars. It is no different now.

There is no success in fighting the outer oppositions. This war has no end. It is eternal as the interplay of the elements that compose it. One masters it from within and will find that everything external submits automatically to the degree that the inner mastery is maintained. Since there is only one master, it is the alliance one should seek and in achieving that you have found the inner chamber, the sanctuary and the feast.

There is only one question. Is it real? Is what we cannot see more real than what we can? That is something for each soul to determine. Is all of what the great art and traditions declare only colorful lies or are the colorful lies what surrounds us within the confines of our senses? Is faith the substance of things unseen?

Jesus was a man. Christ is a station. In him the two merged and for the reason of showing the possibility for any who might follow. Others have come there since and move among us now. The essence of every religion is the same. It is only the accommodation of the divine to our particular vision that makes the everlasting halls appear to be different. It is a single kingdom with many mansions. Strive hard or… continue in that line in which you are standing… awaiting the next turning of the endless wheel of fire.

Lights Up Ahead

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