The Voice of the White House April 10, 2009

Washington, D.C., April 8, 2009: “While the conspiracy lunatics are rummaging around the Internet, seeking something to bond to and jabber about, actual conspiracies manage to slip under the fence and vanish into the woods. As a case in point, I would like to know, and many others doubtlessly have similar interest, where Bernie Madoff hid his $65 billion of looted money? It is strongly believed here that old Bernie took most of it to Israel and either invested it in Israeli businesses or stashed it in Israeli banks. Bernie knew that Israel will never give any information on money in their banks to anyone else, regardless of where it might have come from. Also, it is to be noted that even the most cursory SEC audit would have revealed Bernie’s fraud and Bernie was subjected to four audits. Either the auditors were drooling idiots or they were told to cool it because Bernie had major clout with powerful Jewish groups in Washington and excellent connections with the Bush White House. Now that Bush has become a broken chamber pot, will Ohama’s people press this issue? No, they will not. And there the loot sits, safe from the demands of the hundreds of Bernie’s victims and if Bernie lives long enough, he will get to spend his twilight years lolling around on the beaches of Tel Aviv and the victims will be SOL.”

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